Person:Johannes Broyles (2)

Johannes Broyles
m. 16 AUG 1678
  1. Johannes Broyles1679 - 1732/33
  2. Anna Broyles1680 -
  3. Agnes Breuel1682 - 1686
  4. Martinus Breuel1684 - 1685
  5. Martin Breuel1686 -
  6. Barbara Breuel1697 - 1697
  7. Margaretha BroylesABT 1699 -
  • HJohannes Broyles1679 - 1732/33
  • WUrsula Ruop1680 - 1738
m. 6 Nov 1703
  1. Conrad Broyles1705 - 1705
  2. Hans Jacob Broyles1705 - 1763
  3. Mattheus Broyles1706 - 1708
  4. Appellomia Broyles1707 - 1766
  5. John BroylesAbt 1708 -
  6. Conrad Broyles1709 - 1783
  7. Jerg Martin Broyles1711 -
  8. Mary Elizabeth Broyles1716 - 1766
  9. Christley Broyle1718 - 1719
  10. Catherine Broyles1718 -
Facts and Events
Name Johannes Broyles
Alt Name John Briles
Baptismal Name[2] Johannes Briel
Gender Male
Baptism[2] 1 May 1679 Dusslingen, Württemberg, GermanyJohannes Briel, parents Cúnrad Briel and Margaretha
Marriage 6 Nov 1703 Ötisheim, Württemberg, Germanyto Ursula Ruop
Burial? 1733 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States
Death[1] 05 Feb 1732/33 Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States

Johannes Broyles was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Immigration to Germanna Colony

Johannes Broyles and his family are listed among the second group of settlers to Germanna Colony in Virginia in April 1717:

  • Johann Bruel (Broyles), 38, Ursula (Ruop), Hans Jacob, 12, Conrad, 8, [Georg Martin, 6], Maria Elisabeth, 1.

Will Abstract

  • BROYL, JOHN, d. Mar. 7, 1731-2, p. Feb. 5, 1733-4. Wit: Milsel Sollt, Blankenparker. Leg. Mentions children, male and female, and wife. [Note. The will was proved by Ursley Broyl, widow of John Broyl, and Paultus Blankenparker.] [Page 209, Spotsylvania County Will Book A, 1722-1749].

Information on Johannes Broyles

From "Thomas Wieland (Wayland) and related lines": (

Johannes BROYLES [Parents] was born on 1 May 1679 in Oteisheim, Wurtemburg, Baden-Wurtemburg, Germany and was christened on 1 May 1679 in Lutheran Church, Dusslingen, Wurttemburg, Germany. He died on 5 Feb 1733 in , Spottsylvania, Virginia and was buried in 1733 in Spottsylvania, , Virginia. Johannes married Ursula RUOP on 6 Nov 1703 in Lisheim, , Germany.

NOTE: Germann Record No. Six, p.19

John was one of the older original Germanna immigrants, arriving with the others in 1717, worked his importation, sued by Gov. Spotswood in 1724, and granted land in 1726 (Grant Book 12, p.476). Another source says that he was buried on his property in Madison Co., VA. Please see long notes under wife.

The following came from the Broyles net page at:

Though born in the village of Dusslingen in Wrttemberg, Johannes moved, perhaps around the year 1700, to tisheim, a small village approximately 40 miles north as the crow flies. There he met and married Ursula Ruop, daughter of a local gravedigger. And there he and Ursula began raising their family.

Johannes' father Conrad was a farmer, and Johannes was the eldest son, thus entitling him to a good inheritance, but he forsook this to make his living as a weaver in tisheim. Perhaps it was this sense of trying the unknown that prompted him and Ursula to join a group of families making the voyage to the New World.

There can be no doubt that Johannes and Ursula Breyhel of tisheim are identical to John and Urseley Broyle of Germanna. The names and ages of their children match perfectly with what is known, and they disappeared from the tisheim records at just the right time.

1717 - Johannes and family emigrate to America with about 20 other German families, and come to live at Germanna, in Virginia.

24 Jun 1726 - John Prial is granted 400 acres in the "first fork of the Rapidan River." [1]

2 May 1727 - John Bryoll proves his importation. He is granted the right to take up 200 acres. He states that he came to this country about nine years since with Captain Scott, and that he brought with him his wife Urseley, and children Conrad and Elizabeth. On the same day, Jacob Bryoll (John's son) proves his right to take up land, and is granted 50 acres.

7 Mar 1732 - John Broyle makes his will, Spotsylvania Co., Va., Book A, page 209: "I, John Broyles, being willing to setel my affairs, knowing that in this trancitory life we are in ye mids of death. I does after by wife's deceas leve my land, Goods, and catel to be "be" equally divided amongst all my children mail and female as witness hand. This being my last will Testament his John / Broyles mark wit: Michael Holt, Balthasar (Paultus) Blankenbaker, and Nicholas Blankenbaker.

5 Feb 1733 - At a court held for Spotsylvania County: "Urseley Broyle, widow of John Broyle decd Exhibied the above will which was proved by oath of Paultus Blankepaker one of the witnesses thereto and desired the same might be recorded which was granted."

26 Jul 1744 - Jacob and Conrad Broil convey to Adam Wilhite 200 acres of land patented 24 Jun 1726 by John Broil, and bequeathed to them. This was their inheritance, and would indicate that their mother had died. Since it appears that John Broil owned 400 acres at his death, this would also indicate that he had four children who survived him, because the estate was to be divided equally among his heirs.

The below was posted to the Germanna group on 1/26/00:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=- The eight hundred and second note in a series on the Germanna Colonies

I continue with the families who are candidates to be included in the Second Colony. One family is the Barlow family which had a land patent in 1726 and was sued by Spotswood, two good criteria. Unfortunately, this family has never been found in Germany. In fact, the German name is uncertain which makes the search more difficult. Though many church records have been filmed, not all have. You will notice that the primary search is made in the church records. One does not need the complex German for these as would be the case with civil records.

Conrad Amberger was sued by Spotswood and had a land patent in the year 1728, two years later than most of the Second Colony members. The delay in the land patent may have been due to the location which was southeast of Mt. Pony and outside of the Robinson River community. The Amberger family has many associations with the village of Bönnigheim though other locations are involved also. The "Before Germanna" monographs have a rich history for Conrad's ancestors and descendants who plan on visiting the "home country" should consult this information. Just recently, the villages of Brackenheim, Botenheim, and Cleebronn were mentioned. You could walk from any one of these to Bönnigheim before Frühstück (breakfast). Bönnigheim is a little larger than the average village; it has two churches.

John Broyles has excellent credentials for membership in the Second Colony. He was sued by Spotswood, he had land in 1726, and his proof of importation says he came in 1717. Can't beat that. Johannes Breyhel is associated with two villages, Dußlingen, where he was born, and Ötisheim where he married Ursula Ruop and lived until he came on to America. These two villages are farther apart than you would want to try and walk in one day and the reason for the move is not known. Dußlingen is about twenty miles almost due south of Stuttgart so that this community (one church) is about fifty miles away from the "center of mass" of the Second Colony villages that have been discussed. Ötisheim is about six or seven miles south of Oberderdingen where Matthias Blankenbaker was living. Oberderdingen is on the southwest corner of the region we have been talking about so Ötisheim is definitely outside the region that has been discussed so far.

Excepting Dußlingen, all of the Second Colony villages are on one page of my atlas which has 176 pages for the old West Germany. One page would be more than ample in size for the villages of the First Colony. In the name Dußlingen, the third character is "ss" for which the Germans have a special character.

John Blankenbaker (

Johannes Broyles (Breuel)

  1. 553, b. before 1 May 1679, d. circa 1734

Relationship 7th great-grandfather of Paul Edward Lawrence.

    Johannes Broyles (Breuel) was born before 1 May 1679 in Dusslingen, Württemberg. Johannes was christened on 1 May 1679 in Dusslingen, Württemberg.1 He married Ursula Ruop on 6 November 1703 in Ötisheim, Württemberg.1 Johannes died circa 1734 in Madison Co., Virginia.
    Johannes was also known as John. 
    One of the original members of the second Germanna colony of 1717, John Broyles was one of 19 colonists sued by Governor Spotswood in 1724 to keep them in indenture service. They were kept in indenture service for eight years, one year longer than the normal seven years. He proved his importation on 2 May 1727 stating that he had been accompanied by his wife, Ursely, and two children, Conrad and Elizabeth. Jacob Bryol swore under oath the same day that he had come to this country at the same time.
    John patented 400 acres on 24 June 1726 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia near property granted to other Germanna colonists. Less than eight years later his will was proved in Spotsylvania County on 5 February 1733/34. The will mentions his wife, sons, and daughters, but not by name. His will directed his property to be divided among his children after their mother's death. The Broyle's children consisted of Jacob, Conrad, Elizabeth who were mentioned when John proved is importation, and Catherine, wife of Adam Wilhite. Jacob's relationship to John Broyles is proven in a deed recorded 26 July 1744 in which Jacob and Conrad Briel sell 200 acres, being a part of the deceased John Broyl's patent dated 24 June 1726, and bequeathed to them by John Broyl.2

Family Ursula Ruop Children Hans Jacob Broyles b. b 26 Mar 1705, d. May 1763 Mattheus Breyhel b. b 24 Nov 1706, d. 24 Jul 1708 Conrad Breyhel or Broyles b. b 2 Jul 1709, d. c 1784 Jerg Martin Breyhel b. b 2 Jul 1711 Maria Elisabetha Breyhel or Broyles b. b 5 Jul 1716 Catherine Broyles b. c 1719

Citations [S146] Zimmerman, Gary J. and Johni Cerny. Before Germanna No. 6, The Ancestry of the Broyles, Paulitz, Moyer, and Motz Families. Bountiful, Utah: American Genealogical Lending Library, January 1990. [S473] Orange Co., Virgina Deed Book 5, 26 July 1744.

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    Evangelical Lutheran Church in Dußlingen, scanned image of microfilm on webpage by Steve Broyles.
    Jahr únd Tag:1679 an Philippi Jacobi
    Kinder: Johanes
    Eltern: Cúnrad briel Margaretha
    Gevattern: Hans Werner Shul....Michel Gulden be__Anna Maria Hansbükhes Tochter
    Year and Day:1679 on Phillip and James Day (Church holiday celebrated 1 May) Child: Johannes
    Parents: Cúnrad briel Margaretha
    Sponsors: Hans Werner Shul....,Michel Gulden, baker, Anna Maria, daughter of Hans Bükhes.