Person:Johan Hofmann (1)

Johan Hofmann
  1. Johan Hofmann - 1636
m. Dom Trin 1586
  1. Johann or Johansen HoffmannAbt 1586 - 1635
Facts and Events
Name Johan Hofmann
Gender Male
Marriage Dom Trin 1586 Ferndorf, Kreuztal, Germanyto Elß/Elsgen widow of Tilmann Schmidt
Burial? 27 Apr 1636 Ernsdorf, Kreuztal, Germany

Hoffmann 1 (Hofmann, Hoffmehn) alias Fischelbach aus Fischelbach/Wittgenstein

S. Irle, 146 Hoffmann / Hofmann. Occupation Name Lessee of an aristocratic or monastic courtyard. In the 15th century very often in Siegerland.

Johan Hofmann/Hoffmehn/Hofman, Son of Georg Hoffman, (+) from Fischelbach from Grawschaft Witgenstein.

Fischelbach is a surname (and name of a village in Wittgenstein) The Schmith / blacksmith (1586 at the baptism of his Son John and 1591 as a sponsor) Johan Hoffman, who is Hufschmith (blacksmith making horseshoes) of Ernsdorf, 1594 Pate bei = Godfather for Son of Jost Reuter

Johann Hofmann's sister, an old widow, Buried at Ernsdorf, on 1 Feb 1634 (died of the plague)

Buried Ernsdorf 27 Apr 1636 "senior member of the court/administration consistory of Ernsdorf"

Buried Ernsdorf 29 Mar 1609, Jerome , from the Witsteinischen, land servant boy John Fischel Bach

This remark of Mr. Mehldau "The servant boy of John Hoffmann / Fischel Bach might have long been called by family names and come from Bernshausen. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Fischel Bach. And there is a Hieronymus Lang was born 1598. But more than a conjecture, this not be, for the most Wittgensteiner church records do not go far back enough to settle the case definitively. Same difficulty I have in trying to find the John Hoffmann. Over Fischel Bach existed in 1600 three fathers Hoffmann in different houses, also. Hieronymus one but I have not solved the previous generation, which I, for the classification of John - son of George - would have. "

Source: Research of cousins of Anna Eve Hoffmann Dreisbach, who now live in Switzerland.