Genealogy has been my hobby for 20 years. My parents were avid genealogists 25 or 30 years prior to that. Even before I knew I loved it, I was involved as a child each weekend as we visited elderly relatives and stretched our young legs in cemeteries throughout Ohio. My father was one of the early presidents of the Pickaway County (Ohio) Historical Society and both of my parents were instrumental in getting the society’s first Pickaway County genealogical library up and running. They continued to volunteer at that library through 2006. My mother was Registrar of the Pickaway Plains DAR Chapter for almost 25 years. They certainly loved the history of their families and all of their neighbors! Through those years, I was one of their tag-a-long helpers.

In the early 1990s I bought a $5 genealogy program for our 086 computer and set a goal of "organizing" the stacks of papers and file folders of information my parents had been collecting. My opinion was that they certainly needed a better method! While in the process of working with them on the details of the family tree and entering it into the database, I suddenly realized I was "hooked." And we were off! What a tremendous gift it was to share the search for our ancestors with them! Now as I sort through those same papers, I am so thankful to find their research notes in their own handwriting. But, to be honest, I'm certain I wouldn't have known where to begin looking if it wasn't organized in a searchable database! I am a member of the Pickaway Plains Chapter of the DAR and the Pickaway County Historical and Genealogical Society.