Person:Jefferson Dawson (2)

Jefferson Dawson
d.22 Nov 1899 Bath County, Kentucky
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Jefferson Dawson
Gender Male
Birth? 8 Mar 1825 Bath County, Kentucky
Marriage to Eliza Rice
Death? 22 Nov 1899 Bath County, Kentucky
Burial? Owingsville Cemetery, Owingsville, Bath County, Kentucky
Reference Number? 6073

1850 Bath County, Kentucky census 24 471 471 Jefferson Dawson 26 M W Farming 5400 Ky 25 471 471 Eliza Dawson 20 F W Ky 26 471 471 Mary P Dawson 2 M W Ky 27 471 471 John W Dawson 11/12 M W Ky

From: Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 17:39:46 EDT Subject: Dawson family To:

I am new at this. However I am a descendent of Jefferson and Eliza Dawson and have a lot of information I could give you. Are we related? Please let me know. It was so strange to find someone with this information on the internet. Sandra (Zahn) Dawson

From: Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 22:59:36 EDT Subject: Re: Dawson family To:

This is really exciting. We are indeed related! I have a LOT of information you need. I have a scanner and if you like will try to scan some of what I have. First I have to figure out how to attach etc. I'm new at this. In the meantime here goes some of it:

I am descended from Jefferson Jr.'s brother John William. That means that we are both descended from Jefferson Dawson and Eliza Rice (my great great grandparents). They are buried in Owingsville. I have visited their graves many times, though I live in Louisiana now. The name Jefferson was also Eliza's father's name, which is quite a coincidence.

Jefferson Rice m. Nancy Richards April 9 1829 (Nancy was 16: b. 3 Nov 1813 in Owingsville) They had 10 children. I have all their names, births, deaths, marriages etc.) One of these was Eliza. She was born 4 May 1830 and died 1 June 1913, living to be 83. I had an Aunt who actually remembered going to Owingsville to her funeral when she was a little girl! This will really get you: I have a letter that Jefferson Rice wrote to his wife in 1840 when he was taking a drove of hogs across the mountains to sell in Virginia! I also have Jefferson Rice traced back 5 generations.

When Eliza was 16 she married Jefferson Dawson and they had 9 children. The last child George was born when Eliza was 47. Jefferson was born in 1862 and married Mary Warner(that's right you know this!) There is a fascinating book (I have a copy someplace) on the history of Bath County. You would really enjoy reading it. Owingsville also put out a centennial edition of their newspaper and it has quite a lot of history in it. The Dawsons are mostly buried in Owingsville though I have seen some graves on private land outside Owingsville when I was little, though I'm not sure where. My mother also grew up in Owingsville and married my father Lewis Dawson(he is now deceased). She is 90 and in a nursing home near me. She has a very sharp mind and can remember lots of details about Owingsville and the people. I love the place. It feels like home to me. Where do you live? Since we're cousins of sorts I think it would be appropriate to shareI am 50 and live in Breaux Bridge La. where I teach school. I have three daughters (11 to 23). Write me back. I feel like I'm rambling on. Zahn Dawson Burdick

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