Person:Eliza Rice (2)

Eliza Rice
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Eliza Rice
Gender Female
Birth[4] 4 May 1830 Bath County, Kentucky
Marriage to Jefferson Dawson
Death[5] Jun 1913 Bath County, Kentucky
Burial? Owingsville Cemetery, Owingsville, Bath County, Kentucky
Reference Number? 6074

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Sorry to be so long getting back to you. Here is a copy of the letter. You will see he mentions daughter Eliza, as well as sons Fleming and Elzaphan. You may have read in Richards book about a Fleming Rice saved from hanging as an outlaw in Missouri by giving the sheriff the freemason sign? That was not Eliza's brother, but was instead her father Jefferson's son Fleming Bailey Rice. I have always heard he was a great disappointment to his father Campbell Rice. Jefferson's father was Fleming Rice who married Sarah Bailey. He died very young and only had Jefferson. The confusion comes when you realize two brother, Fleming and Campbell married two Bailey sisters. The continuous use of the same given names makes it difficult to sort them out sometimes. There are lots of Nelson, Campbell, Holman, and Fleming Rices. I checked the white listings in Bath Co and found a Holman Rice and a Campbell Rice living. I called to see if they knew where Jeferson was buried and they said they "think so". They are in their eighties. They said they weren't related to Jeferson. I laughed and asked what they knew of their family tree and they said "not much", but were interested. I told them they were indeed related to Jeferson and how. It got so confusing I agreed to see them when I go to Owingsville in a couple of weeks. I will only be passing through as I am working on other lines at the moment. I teach history and so use summers to research. I have a 14 year old who is a bit tired of cemeteries and I have agreed to do more "alive" activities this trip. I pasted the letter in here. If you prefer a scanned version let me know. The original was in the possession of my aunt Sarah Dawson. Her research material for the family is in storage in Petaluma California with a daughter. The daughter adopted children and they have traced their own "biological" roots and so I have been told I may have the boxes of material if I go out and go through them. I am very close to this cousin and will make that trip one day. Her parents spent many retirement years researching Bath roots. Do note the wonderful language. I particularly love the use of the word betwixt. Oh, I have been researching my maternal side and had hit a brick wall a long time ago with a great grandfather in Clark Co., Marion Eldridge. I recently received a copy of some deeds from 1850-1880 that connect him to the Eldridge in Bath Co. It seems you have Eldridge in your line too?

Petersburg, Vir. July 12, 1840 My Dear Wife, It is for the unwithering respect I have for you and our little children that causes me to write you this, believing it will be most cordially read by you, as I am very certain I shall be thankful to hear from you that you all are well and everything going on right. I have enjoyed good health ever since I left home. But had a warm tiresome travel and by myself and from 40-50 miles every day. I came around by Danville Vir and found all that drove unsold and from there here and got with Nelson Rice and Alvin Mitchell and there but 150 hogs sold out of the drove salted here. We have sold 150 hogs more since I came here which leaves 200 to sell out of the drove yet. And all that drove at Danville will have to be brought here before it is sold. The price is 10 CTS whole-sale. Nelson has gone to Danville to bring that drove as soon as possible which will take some time as it is150 miles from here to Danville and the bacon will have to be brought by boat or wagons. It will be impossible for me to get home sooner than the last of August but I will come as soon as I can for I am very certain my presence is needed and my desire is also great as there is no place like home. I want you to have the bars thrown open betwixt the clover field and the woods pasture so that the cattle and horses may pass in and out and if you want milling done get the corn at Reuben Youngs and you had better get the wheat ground at the mouth of Slate Creek and tell the boys or which ever one is there to consult Billy Carr about things and try to keep alright and if we have any bacon to sell get Jack Burgess and Harvey Richard to sell it and get it credited on our store accounts. Recollect all the horses and hogs have to go on the oats at Carrs and if they should give out before I get home put the horses in the pasture at Carrs. The hogs on clover at home until corn get so it will do to feed. I do not recollect any thing else at present but desire you to keep a strict observance over our children, teach them obedience, economy, and industry, truth not forgotten as you know these are the most essential points and can not be too soon riveted through the minds of the Youth. The principles early contracted are apt to be the most lasting. I know you are fully apprised of the responsibility that rests upon a Parent and having confidence that you will attend to all these points I shall say no more on that subject. If James Daughtery has not taken up school again send Eliza, Fleming, and Elza to Mr. House as much as you can as I want them to get them schooling certain. It is Sunday and no business doing today. Alvin Mitchell has not sold any bacon of consequence yet and is waiting for better price which is thought must come. Nelson has paid off ½ 500 Dollars of the Andrews debt and if we live to get home will pay the balance. Nelson was doing just as much as any man could have done but times are hard and the price of bacon low. He was waiting for the price to rise. I hope it will not be necessary for me to write any more before I come home. Do the best you can and I will do the same till we meet which I hope will not be long, yet the time is long to me. I am proud to be your husband.

Jefferson Rice To Nancy W. Richards Rice

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