Person:Jane Cunningham (9)

Jane 'Jean' Cunningham
b.Abt. 1722 prob. Pennsylvania
d.AUG 1759 Virginia
m. Abt. 1722
  1. Jane 'Jean' CunninghamAbt 1722 - 1759
  2. Unknown CampbellEst 1725-1735 -
  3. Martha Cunningham1731 - 1806
m. 4 MAR 1739/40
  1. Capt. William C. Campbell1748 - 1845
  2. Martha 'Molly' Campbell1748/49 - 1825
  3. Mary Campbell1751/52 -
  4. Col. David Campbell1753 - 1832
Facts and Events
Name Jane 'Jean' Cunningham
Gender Female
Alt Birth[1] 1718
Birth? Abt. 1722 prob. Pennsylvania
Alt Marriage 4 MAR 1738/39 to David "Black David" Campbell
Marriage 4 MAR 1739/40 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato David "Black David" Campbell
Death[1] AUG 1759 Virginia

Jane Cunningham, Wife of Black David

As stated previously, the wife of Black David was Jane Cunningham, the daughter of Walter and Martha Cunningham and the half sister of Mary Hamilton, the wife of White David. Margaret Campbell Pilcher has this to say regarding the Hamiltons and the Cunninghams (Conynghams):

"James Hamilton married Janet Campbell, at Inveraray, Scotland. They had two children: Arthur and James. Arthur Hamilton married Martha Conyngham, daughter of Patrick Conyngham and Euphemia Vesse, his wife. He died near Londonderry, Ireland, leaving his widow with two small children: Mary and Arthur. She married a cousin, Walter Conyngham, with whom she and her two children came to America. At this time, Mary Hamilton, her daughter, was ten years of age, in 1726. She had several children by her second husband, Walter Conyngham, but of these we have no record, except of Jane Conyngham, the eldest, who married another David Campbell, called "Black David," on account of his dark complexion, to distinguish him from his relative of the same name, "White" David Campbell, who married Mary Hamilton, the half-sister of Jane Conyngham. Thus it will be noted that the half-sisters, Mary Hamilton and Jane Conyngham, married each a David Campbell, distant cousins, who were of the same clan in Scotland.

" … Patrick Conyngham was a Colonel commanding a regiment at the battle of Boyne, under King William of Orange. He married Euphemia Vesse. They had two children that we have on record: James and Martha Conyngham. Martha Conyngham married first Arthur Hamilton, and after his death she married a cousin, Walter Conyngham, with whom, and her two children, Mary and Arthur Hamilton, she emigrated to America in 1726." [5]

I have found nothing in the official records that would contradict the above statements of Mrs. Pilcher. The described genealogical relationship between Jane and her half sister, Mary Hamilton, is graphically shown in the following hyperlinked chart.

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