Person:James Wiley (14)

James Wiley
b.1769 Virginia
d.14 Jul 1838 Bath County, Virginia
m. Bef 1766
  1. Martha WileyBef 1766 -
  2. Robert WileyAbt 1767 -
  3. James Wiley1769 - 1838
  4. Ann WileyAbt 1772 -
  5. William Wiley1773 - 1840
  6. Jane Wiley1775 - 1881
  7. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Wiley1775 -
  8. Nancy WileyAbt 1787 -
m. 28 Apr 1802
  1. Elizabeth J. Wiley1802 - 1912
  2. Agnes "Nancy" WileyAbt 1804 - Abt 1885
m. 13 Feb 1810
Facts and Events
Name James Wiley
Gender Male
Birth? 1769 Virginia
Marriage 28 Apr 1802 Bath County, Virginiato Agnes Crawford
Marriage 13 Feb 1810 Virginiato Nancy 'Agnes' Gwinn
Death? 14 Jul 1838 Bath County, Virginia

Will of James Wiley

  • Pg. 418 - Will of James Wiley, dated Feb. 19, 1838.
Wit: W. Wilson, Stephen Wandless
Probated August 1838 Court
Exec: friend John Cleek, Jr.
to beloved wife Agness one-third of land on the Jackson River for life, a sorrell filly, 6 milch cows, 10 sheep, 6 hogs, 3 beds with furniture (cupboard to remain in the house), and half of the kitchen furniture.
to sons John and Robert all the land on the Jackson River, his joint interest in 100 acres on Alleghany Mt. (with heirs of William Corbit) near head of Meadow Creek, on condition they pay portion of legacy from David Gwin to daughter Esther "of whom I am guardian".
to son John bay filly
to son Robert gray mare
all lands in Big Valley to be sold, with those purchased of James Benson and patented in my own name, with proceeds to be paid to son-in-law Mustoe Hamilton as debts duw as guardian of daughter Sally, one of legatees of David Gwin.
to daughters Elizabeth Potts and Agnes McGlaughlin $100 each and to daughters Sally Hamilton and Esther $50 each, out of any surplus.

[Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 187-188].

  • Pg. 466 - Inventory - James Wiley
Submitted Aug. 29, 1838 by John Cleek Jr., exec., Robert McGuffin, Stephen Wandless, John Chestnut, Chambers Mustoe.
tools, harness, farm implements, gears, wagon, still tubs, loom, kitchen utensils, 9 beehives, wheat, rye, corn, oats, hay, windmill, horses 11, cattle 71, sheep 35, hogs 50, household furniture, clock
Notes and bonds: John Carlile, Stephen Wandless, David Lockridge, John Cleek Jr.

[Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 192].