Person:James Smith (374)

James Henry Smith
b.12 APR 1876 Fulton Co, GA
m. 18 AUG 1870
  1. William Smith1873 -
  2. Mary J. SmithAbt 1875 -
  3. James Henry Smith1876 - 1968
  4. Aaron M Smith1878 -
  5. Louisa Smith1881 - 1899
  6. Louise Smith1881 - 1949
  7. Albert Smith1885 - 1948
  8. Clarence Smith1888 -
  • HJames Henry Smith1876 - 1968
  • WSally CarsonAbt 1885 -
m. 1908
Facts and Events
Name James Henry Smith
Gender Male
Birth? 12 APR 1876 Fulton Co, GA
Census? 1880 District 150, Old First, Milton, Georgia
Census? 1900 Page No. 26B, Cooks, Fulton, Georgia
Marriage 1908 to Sally Carson
Census? 1910 District 155, Milstead, Rockdale, Georgia
Census? 1920 Page 5A, ED# 179, Milstead, Rockdale, Georgia
Census? 1930 Spring Street, District 7, Militia District 1619, Rockdale, Georgia
Occupation? Loom Fixing at Cotton Mill (1920 & 30 Census)
Death? JUL 1968 Conyers, Rockdale, GA

Lived with parents, wife, and sons in 1910 in Milstead, Rockdale Co., GA. Foun d on the 1930 census with his wife and kids in Militia District 1619 (Milstead Village), Rockdale Co., GA.

Looks like he is the James Smith found in the SSDI who was born 12 April 1876 (matches census dates) and died July 1968.

WWI Draft Registration Card describes him: Lived in Milstead. Worked at Milsted Mill Co. Medium build and height Dark features

In 1958 an article was published in the Callaway Beacon: “Jim Smith, the lovable and popular gentleman at Milstead, was the central figure at a surprise birthday dinner celebrating his 83rd birthday on April 12. "Dad is 83 years young, not old," said his children who were hosts at the dinner The people around the Community Center say the same thing, because of his faithful years of service in keeping order and peace at the Community Center. All the boys and girls love and respect Uncle Jim. The dining table, overlaid with a white lace cloth, held an artistic flower arrangement at one end and a white embossed birthday cake in the center. The cake was topped with three candles representing the past, present, and future. The honoree was presented many lovely and useful gifts. His family sang "Happy Birthday" to Dad and Granddaddy. Thirty - eight relatives and seven of his eight children were present for the occasion. The children are: Fred, J. R., Robert, Musette, Lane, and Mrs. Grace McGiboney, all of Milstead. Walter and Charles live in Atlanta.”

SSDI: 255-07-7136