Person:James Moore (171)

m. bef 1768
  1. John Mooreabt 1768 - 1786
  2. James Moore, "The Captive"1770 - 1851
  3. Jane Mooreabt 1771 - abt 1786
  4. Joseph Mooreabt 1773 -
  5. Mary "Polly" Moore, "The Little Captive"abt 1778 - 1824
  6. Rebecca Mooreabt 1780 - 1786
  7. Alexander Mooreabt 1782 - 1786
  8. William Mooreabt 1784 - 1786
  9. Margaret "Peggy" Mooreabt 1786 - 1786
  1. James Rutherford Mooreabt 1801 - 1879
  2. William Taylor Mooreabt 1833 -
Facts and Events
Name James Moore, "The Captive"
Gender Male
Birth? 1770 Rockbridge, Virginia, United States
Other[1] 7 Sept 1784 Abbs Valley, Tazewell, Virginia, United Statesage 14 - taken captive by Shawnee Black Wolf, marched to a Shawnee town (near Chillicothe, OH), and sold to Black Wolf's half sister for an old horse
Other? abt Mar 1785 Chillicothe, Clark, Ohio, United Statesage 15 - sold to Capt. Elliot, a trader from Detroit, but eventually returned to his former mistress
Other? Apr 1786 Chillicothe, Clark, Ohio, United Statesage 15 - attended dance and met Batest Ariome, a French trader from Detroit, who bought him for $50 Indian money; met Mr. Sherlock and asked him to write a letter to his father informing him of his captivity, which he did
Residence? May 1786 Fort Detroitlived with the Ariome family
Other? abt Aug 1786 age 16 - learned of the massacre of his father's family
Other? abt Dec 1786 Fort Detroitage 16 - learned of the sale of his sister Mary to Mr. Stogwell and began to plan to rescue her
Other? abt Apr 1787 Fort Detroitage 17 - sees sister Mary and begins process of rescuing her which was done with the help of Thomas Evans, brother to Martha Evans who had been taken captive at the same time as Mary
Other? Oct 1789 age 19 - Thomas Evans, Martha Evans, James Moore, and Mary Moore obtained passage aboard a trading boat and headed Rockbridge, Va via Pittsburg
Residence? Nov 1789 - Apr 1790 Pittsburg (unknown)lived with an uncle of Thomas Evans while waiting for Evan's shoulder to heal and spring to come
Other? abt May 1790 Staunton, Virginia, United StatesThomas Evans takes James and Mary Moore to the home of William McPheeters, their uncle, near Middle River, 10mi SW of Staunton. Evans is paid for his services by Joseph Moore, the administrator of the elder Moore's estate.
Residence? aft 1800 Boissevain, Tazewell, Virginia, United Statesage 30 - returns to his father's land to build a home
Death? Sep 1851 Boissevain, Tazewell, Virginia, United Statessource = OLT, needs verification, others say 1848

Monument marker in Tazewell County

"Near here lie the remains of James Moore, ’The Captive’, second son of Captain James Moore, who was captured by the Shawnee Indian Black Wolf on a raiding foray in 1784, taken to Canada and rescued four years later with his sister Mary and Martha Evans, also captive, by Thomas Evans, brother of Martha. 1770-1851". [Geographic location of this plac needed] Note: a photograph of this marker can be found at the Library of Virginia, but no exact location is mentioned in the description other than Tazewell County. [1]

  • [cos1776 20131029 note: I am having trouble verifying the existence of this marker. Can anyone corroborate this and/or provide additional information (photo, link, etc.)? - Thanks.]
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    [Detailed account of his kidnapping and murder of his family.]

  2.   Williams, Frances Leigh. The Shawnee tomahawk. (Holt), 1958.
  3.   Historical Highway Markers - [enter XP-5], in Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

    Five miles southwest is Abb’s Valley, discovered by Absalom Looney. James Moore and Robert Poage were the first settlers, about 1770. In July, 1786, Shawnee Indians raided the valley, killing or carrying into captivity the Moore family. Mary (Polly) Moore, Martha Evans and James Moore (captured earlier) finally returned. They are known as “The Captives of Abb’s Valley.” Virginia Conservation Commission 1939
    (Location: Lon (X): -81.33424 Lat (Y): 37.30928 ; on Rt. 102, just east of Pocahontas)

  4.   James Moore, in White, Emma Siggins. Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland: with records of a few allied families, also war records and some fragmentary notes pertaining to the history of Virginia, 1600-1902. (Kansas City, Missouri: Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1902).

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