Person:James Huston (4)

James Huston
d.15 August 1836 Washington County, PA
Facts and Events
Name James Huston
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1760 Cumberland County, PA
Death[1] 15 August 1836 Washington County, PA


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This article is for James Huston b. 1760 in Cumberland County PA. He may be related to Person:William Huston (4), though YDNA evidence may not support this.

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Source:Williston, 2000
Washington County, PA Militia 1778-1783


James Huston states, in his Revolutonary War pension application, that he was born in Cumberland County, PA, in 1760. James states in his pension application that

When I first entered the service, I lived in what is now Ohio County, VA before the lines were run between PA and VA and is now Washington County, PA and have been here ever since.

From here he was drafted to serve in the Revolution:

In the fall of the year 1778?, I [was] drafted under Capt Reasin Vergin and was placed under Capt. Joseph Ogle and Lieutenant John Biggs and marched from Ramsey's Fort on Buffalo Creek in what was then Virginia to the mouth of Big Beaver. On our way here, we met the Army under General Mackintosh at Montour's Bottom some few miles above the mouth of Big Beaver and proceeded with them to the place where we built the Fort Mackintosh. We were engaged in building Fort Mackintosh at the mouth of Big Beaver for some time, then proceeded under our Capt. Ogle and Lt. Biggs, all under the command of Gen. Mackintosh to the Tuscawaras [sp?] and built the fort called Fort Laurence. After building this fort, (which was the most severe and trying labor as we were compelled to carry the logs for the fort on our backs) we all returned under Gen. Mackintosh to the mouth of Big Beaver, where we had previously built Fort Mackintosh. When we arrived at the fort, we were discharged by Capt. Ogle after ! serving four months, which ??? the time for which we were drafted. In the spring of 1779, I was drafted again by Capt. Vergin and was again placed under Capt. Ogle at what was then called the Station, which I have already designated by the house at Ramsey's Fort on Buffalo Creek, some few miles east of what is now the town of Wheeling.

James Revolutionary War service apparently continued through the end of the War.

Immediately after the signing of the Provisional Articles of Peace, he was taken captive by the enemy with other American prisoners in a cartel from Quebec, (Canada) to New York where he arrived in the month of December and was released to Col. Smith of the American Army around the same day in the same month of December, 1782, between the 25th day of Dec., 1782 and 1st of Jan., 1783 and finally arrived at his residence in Washington County the beginning of March 1783, making it about a year from the time he was taken prisoner by the enemy until his return home.


These parcels lie in South Strabane Township, Washington County, PA, withn the Chartier Creek Watershed. Williams parcel lies at the head of Catfish Creek The parcel immediately to his west is identified as "Catfish Camp", probably in reference to "Catfish", the native american who lived in this area, and is said to have had a campsite on Catfish Creek.
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