Person:Jacob Roe (4)

Jacob Dunning Roe
  1. Phebe Roe1773 -
  2. Nathaniel Roe1775 - 1866
  3. Jacob Dunning Roe1777 - 1847
  4. Jonas Roe1779 -
  5. John Roe1782 -
  6. Mary Roe1784 -
  7. Margaret Roe1787 - 1861
  8. Joseph Roe1791 -
  • HJacob Dunning Roe1777 - 1847
  • WPeggy JolineAbt 1780 -
m. Bef 1800
  1. Caroline RoeAbt 1800 -
  2. John J. Roe1802 -
  3. Catharine Roe1803 -
m. 25 MAR 1819
  1. Charles J. Roe1820 - 1890
  2. Joseph Roe1831 -
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Dunning Roe
Gender Male
Birth[8][9] 15 AUG 1777 Orange, New York, United States
Marriage Bef 1800 to Peggy Joline
Marriage 25 MAR 1819 Clark, Indiana, United Statesto Catherine Johnson
Census[1] 1820 Clark, Indiana, United StatesWashington Township
Property[3] 16 JUL 1821 Pope, Illinois, United Stateswitnessed deed of sale from brother-in-law Charles Johnson to brother-in-law James Snow
Other[4] 5 Mar 1822 Pope, Illinois, United Statespaid by county
Other[4] 4 Jun 1822 Pope, Illinois, United Stateson roadwork crew
Residence[2] 1827 Shelby, Indiana, United States
Residence[2] ca 1830 Fountain, Indiana, United States
Property[5][10] 7 Aug 1830 Fountain, Indiana, United Statespurchased land from Isaac Snow
Baptism[6] 1838 Johnson, Indiana, United States2nd Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
Census[7] 1840 Johnson, Indiana, United States
Other[6] 14 Aug 1841 Johnson, Indiana, United Statesexcluded from 2nd Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church for drinking
Residence[2] 1845 Clark, Indiana, United States
Death[2] APR 1847 Clark, Indiana, United Statesnear New Washington
  1. Clark County, Indiana, in United States. 1820 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M33), Primary quality.

    1820 US Census, Indiana, Clark County, Washington Township
    Jacob D. Roe, 1 m>10 [Charles], 1 m 26-45 [Jacob], 1 f 26-45 [Catherine], 1 person employed in commerce
    Benjamin Reas on next line

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    Jacob D. and Catharine (Johnson) Roe, who were natives of New York and Kentucky, . . . . came to Shelby county in 1827, and settled in Hendricks township, where they lived about three years. [They] moved to Fountain county, living there four years, then returning to Hendricks Township, [Shelby County]. [They moved to Clark County, Indiana] about 1845, where they both, within four days of each other in April, 1847, died, near New Washington.

  3. Deed Record A, Pope County, Illinois; LDS #l0964515, in Pope County (Illinois). Recorder. Deeds v. 1816-1886; index, 1810-1910. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974), p. 112, 1816-1836, Primary quality.

    Indenture made 16 July 1821
    Between Charles Johnson & Sally his wife of Pope County, Illinois
    And James Snow of same place . . . .
    Signed Charles Johnson, Sarah x her mark Johnson
    Witness Jacob D. Roe, Frederick x his mark Bengard, James A. Whiteside JP

  4. 4.0 4.1 County Court Records, Pope County, Illinois; LDS #0964530, in Illinois. County Court (Pope County), and Illinois. Court of County Commissioners (Pope County). County court records, 1816-1850. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974), 1816-1831, Primary quality.

    p. 165 – 5 Mar 1822 Ordered that Jacob Roe be allowed $1.00 as per account filed
    p. 175 – 4 June 1822 Ordered that Lincoln Harper be appointed Supervisor on the Franklin road, from the Kaskaskia road, to the crossing of the Big Bay Creek, and . . . Cato Whitesid, James A. Whitsid, John Whitesid, James Snow, Isaac Snow, John Snow, Jacob Roe, William Johnson, Bailey Johnson, Charles Johnson Jur, . . . Abraham Shufflebarger, Jacob Sufflebarger, John King, Fredrick A[pple]yard, Jesse McCool, Benjamin McCool [crossed out in original], . . . allotted to to work on the same

  5. Deed Records, Fountain County, Indiana, Volumes 2-3; LDS #1321427, in Fountain County (Indiana). Recorder. Deed records, 1827-1887. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1983), Vol. 2, p. 129, 1831-1833, Primary quality.

    Indenture 7 Aug 1830
    Between Isaac Snow and Margaret his wife of Fountain County, Indiana
    and Jacob Roe of same place
    who paid $50
    for part of NE1/4, Sec 33, T21N, R8W
    beginning at the NW corner running S 46 rods thence E 25 rods thence N 6 rods thence E 15 rods thence N 40 rods, W to the place of beginning, containing 11 acres more or less
    Signed Isaac Snow, Margaret Snow
    Witness James Miller, JP
    Recorded 4 Aug 1831

    No record of Jacob Roe selling this property was found, so it is likely that the purchase was to be made with payments over time and Jacob was unable to make all the payments. The property in that event would have reverted to Isaac Snow.

  6. 6.0 6.1 Blue River Mt. Pleasant Church Records; LDS #1451839, in Second Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church (Needham Township, Johnson County, Indiana). Church records, 1835-1930. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1986), Primary quality.

    July 11, 1835, Church Covenant - Founding members: Joseph Reece, John Webb, Nancy Webb, Samuel Tetrich Benjamin Reece, Sarah Reece, Henry Willard, Mary Kellery
    Members include Jacob D. Roe, by Experience 13 October 1838, Excluded 14 August 1841; Catherine Roe by Experience 13 October 1838, died
    Minutes 14 August 1841: ". . . the church not in peace bro. Roe charged with drinking ardent spirits to excess the brother was cited to come to the church and answer to the charge, this he declined, the church votes an exclusion of the brother."

  7. United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication M704), Primary quality.

    Roe, Jacob D., 1 male 5-10 [Joseph], 1 male 20-30 [Charles], 1 male 60-70 [Jacob], 1 female 10-15 [name unknown], 1 female 15-20 [name unknown], 1 female 50-60 [Catherine]

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  9. Torrey, Clarence Almon. David Roe of Flushing, New York and some of his descendants. (unknown: unknown, 1958), Secondary quality.

    84: Jacob Dunning Roe, son of Nathaniel(5) Roe and Bathsheba Dunning, b. 15 Aug, 1777, Orange County, NY. He removed from Orange County to one of the western states. Married a second time, name of wife unknown.

  10. No record of Jacob Roe selling this property was found, so it is likely that the purchase was to be made with payments over time and Jacob was unable to make all the payments. The property in that event would have reverted to Isaac Snow.