Person:Jacob Mummert (1)

Jacob Mummert, Jr.
m. ABT 1795
  1. John Mummert1796 - 1879
  2. Moses Mummert1798 - 1879
  3. Jacob Mummert, Jr.1798 - 1861
  4. Samuel Mummert1801 - 1854
  5. Johann Georg Mummert1804 - 1865
  6. Elizabeth Mummert1807 - 1871
  7. Adam Mummert1811 - Aft 1879
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Mummert, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 6 NOV 1798 , York, Pennsylvania, USA
Death? 26 OCT 1861 North Codorus Twp., York, Pennsylvania
Burial? St. Jacob's (Stone) Church Cemetery in Codorus Twp., York, Pennsylvania
Other? Notes

!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Research of Betty Brown; Felton, PA Reaseach of Raymond I. Mummert (deceased); p. 38; in Historical Society of York Co., PA; in Mummert Family File. BIRTH: Orphan's Court Record for Jacob Mummert; York County Courthouse; Docket Q-508. BURIAL: St. Jacob's (Stone) Church; Codorus Twp., York, PA; records in Historical Society of York Co., PA. Grave stone reads 11-6-1798 - 10-26-1861, 62-11-20. This works out and is what we are using for his dates. CENSUS: 1850 - On US census of North Codorus Twp., York Co., PA listed with no occupation, no wife, and only child #4 from the list in this record living with him. Viewed in the Census Images at - Source Notation: Dwelling 176, Family 176, Ancestry Image 25 of 52. NOTE: Real estate value $500.

             1860 - Viewed in the Census Image at in North Codorus Twp., York, PA with his wife, Lydia 45 PA.  Source Notation:  Page 144, Ancestry Image 6 of 56.  NOTE:  Neither Jacob or Lydia could read or write.  Real estate valued at $1,000 and personal property at $150.

DEATH: Obituaries in the Hanover Citizen of 5 Dec 1861 and York Gazette of 3 Dec 1861. Also recorded in the Private Register of Rev. C. J. Deininger - York County Historical Society source 12587 KK4. WILL: Will of Jacob Mummert in York County Court House. In vol. V-421 (w) dated 25 Sep 1861. Will mentions second wife, Lydia, and children Chrisanna and Luisa. OCCUPATION: Listed as Laborer on the 1860 census. WILL: Author: William_ToomeyMessage Board URL: <>Message Board Post:This is the will of Jacob Mummert Jr son of Jacob, grandson of William, great grandson of Diedrich. The grammar is as found. Louisa (Mummert) Richstein is my great grandmother.I will follow this with an interesting 1873 petition by Jacob's wife Lydia and his children. Enjoy... "By The Divine Mercy and Gracious Providence of the Lord and In the Name of God, Amen.I Jacob Mummert of North Codorus Township, York County and State of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, being Blefsed with the Continuance of a full and perfect Enjoyment of all my wanted Rational and mental Faculties. But by reason of bodily Infirmities and Sicknefs in Conjunction with the Advanced State of age, under a Serious apprehension of Soon Quitting this Sublunary Stage, by the Lords God Pleasure.In order, therefore, to make a becoming preparation, before the approach of that Final & inevitable Event. I Do make , ordain and Publish this instrument of writing to be my Last Will & Testament, in manner and form following to wit:---First it is my will, and I do order that all my just Debts, funeral expenses and all other Lawful Charges, be duly paid & Satisfied as Soon as Conveniently Can be after my decease, out of my estate, real or personal. Item, I give and bequeath unto my dear wife, Lydia Mummert, for and during her Natural life of Widowhood, the use, occupation and pofsefsion of my Mantion track or piece of Land, Situate, lying & being in North Codorus township, York County, aforesaid, Containing two acres and ten penches, with the appurtenances there unto belonging, adjoining lands of Simon H. Gibbons, Peter Valinedinst, and others being the same tract of land Which Thomas Eichelberger Jacob Eichelberger, and Charles A. Barnitz executers & C of Frederick Eichellberger, deceased Conveyed to me, by Deed dated the 15th day of March, A.D 1828 together also With a certain tract or piece of land adjoining the above tract, and land of Joseph Greybill, Peter Valinedinst and others, Containing one acre and one hundred and thirty [ next page] of hirty four perches neat measure, being the Same tract or piece of land, which the heirs of Christian Valinedinst Deceased, by their deed, dated the 27th day of March, A.D. !1849 Conveyed to me, She making no waste thereon. She Shall work the land in the manner it had usually been, and keep the buildings and fences in repair, and after the death of my Said wife Lydia my herein after named executors Shall make Public Sale of Said two tracts of land before mentioned, and to make good & sufficient Title to the purchase thereof.Item, I direct and empower my executors to make Public vendue at a Convenient time after my decease, and Sell all my other lands and tenements not above and before mentioned, and to make good and Sufficient Title to the purchasers thereof.Item, my will is, that my dear wife, Lydia Mummert, Shall have all her personal property, which she brought to me, together with one hundred Dollars in money, Which she has Loned to me, Which Said Sum of money Shall be paid to her my Said wife by my executors out of my estate.Item, my will is, that the monies arising from the Sale of my real & personal estate before mentioned, be divided into two Equal Shares, by my Executors, and the Same be distributed as follows. One Equal Share thereof I give & bequeath unto my Eldest daughter Crisanna intermarried with Henry Becker, or to her Lawful heirs.And one Equal Share thereof I give & bequeath unto my Youngest daughter Luisa intermarried With Lewis Richstine, for her Sale and Separate use, So that neither her Said Husband, nor his Creditors, nor any person Claiming under him, Shall have any interest in, Right or Control over the Same, But her own receipt [next page] Receipt Shall be valued for the payment thereof, and if She Shall be then deceased, Leaving Ifsue, Such Ifsue, her or their heirs and afsigns, Shall have and receive Said Share or portion.And Lastly, I nominate, Constritute and appoint my trusty friends Daniel Leese, Esqr and Daniel Smith, to be the executors of this my Last will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills, Legacies and bequeaths, by me heretofore made, and declaring this, and no other, to be my Last will & testament.In Witnefs Whereof, I Jacob Mummert, the testator, have to this my will, written on two Sheets of paper, Set my hand and Seal, the twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Sixty one, and in the Sixty third year of my natural age. Jacob (his X mark) MummertSigned, Sealed and declared, by the Said Jacob Mummert the testator, as his Last Will and testament, in the Presence of us, who in his presence, and in the presents of each other, and at his request, have hereunto Subscribed our names of Witnefses thereto.John SpanglerSimon H. GibbonsConffirmed & Subscribed before me in the Registers Office at York the 7th day of November A.D. 1861 William Philby, RegisterJohn SpanglerSimon H. GibbonsMemorandum: That Letters Testamentary on the foregoing will of Jacob Mummert deceased, were granted to Daniel Leese & Daniel Smith the executors named in said will, after being duly qualified according to law, on the Seventh day of November, A.D. 1861William Philby, RegisterRecorded in Will Book V, page 421