Person:Jackson Poole (3)

Jackson Poole
b.22 Feb 1774 New York
d.4 Aug 1836 New York
m. 14 Sep 1766
  1. Elizabeth PooleABT 1767 -
  2. Townsend Poole1769 - 1852
  3. Pierce 'Pearcy' Poole1773 - 1845
  4. Jackson Poole1774 - 1836
  5. Mary Poole1776 - 1859
m. 12 Nov 1808
  1. Elinor 'Ellen' Poole1812 - 1815
  2. Mary T. Poole1815 - 1871
  3. Isaac Poole1818 - 1900
  4. William Poole1822 - 1823
  5. Samuel Poole1830 -
Facts and Events
Name Jackson Poole
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Feb 1774 New York
Marriage 12 Nov 1808 Fordham, Westchester (now Bronx) Co., New York, United StatesDutch Reformed Church
to Mary Eleanor Corsa
Residence? 1818 Morrisania (now Fordham), Westchester (now Bronx) Co., New York, United States
Death? 4 Aug 1836 New York

From Poole researcher: "It is noted in Antony Maitland/Herbert A. Poole's genealogy research that Mary T. is the daughter of Jackson and she married a "James" Poole - James' father/mother were not identified in their report. That Mary is the daughter of Jackson Poole was confirmed in Jackson Poole's Will.

In April 2005, I (Poole researcher) confirmed that James Poole (married to Mary Poole) was a son of Pearcy Poole, by means of the Will of Pearcy Poole. James married his Uncle Jackson's daughter "Mary", thus his cousin.

The wife of Jackson Poole is Mary Eleanor (Corsa), who is a sister to Andrew Corsa*. Andrew served under George Washington in the Revolutionary War. See her lineage for notes.

Marriage of Jackson Poole to Mary Corsa is noted in Alfred M. Poole's family Bible, as well as many members of the Poole family and their spouses.

Birth and death dates of Jackson's children and wife are identified in Alfred M. Poole's family Bible.

There is still ongoing research to confirm that "Mary Corsa\r" was either the daughter of ANDREW CORSA and HELENA BUSSING; 'or' was she the SISTER of Andrew Corsa??? Many conflicting reports. At this time, Mary Corsa is noted as the SISTER to Andrew, pending confirming data otherwise."

Jane Kimble's note: Jackson's children were born in Morrisania so that must have been his place of residence and he may have died there.

  1.   Email from Poole researcher.

    Alfred M. Poole Family Bible for birthdates, deaths, marriages. Copyrights from 1881 through 1877, Library of Congress.