Person:Jabez Howland (2)

m. bef 1669
  1. Jabez Howland, Jr.1669 - 1732
  2. John Howlandest 1672/73 - 1672/73
  3. Bethiah Howland1674 - 1676
  4. Josiah Howland1676 - 1717/18
  5. John Howland1679 - bef 1708
  6. Judah Howland1683 - 1683
  7. Seth Howland1684 - 1685
  8. Samuel Howland1686 - 1748
  9. Experience Howland1687 - 1687
  10. Joseph HowlandAbt 1689 - 1692
  11. Joseph Howland1692 - 1737
  12. Elizabeth HowlandAbt 1694 - Bef 1714
m. bef 1702
  1. Bethiah Howland1702 -
  2. Mercy Howland1704 -
  3. Patience Howland1706 - 1707
  4. Elizabeth Howland1707 - bef 1709
  5. Elizabeth Howland1709 -
  6. Sarah Howland1711 -
  7. Jabez Howland1713 - 1739
  8. Patience Howland1716/17 - 1802
  9. Thomas Howland1719/20 -
  • HJabez Howland, Jr.1669 - 1732
  • WMary Carder1677 - 1761
m. aft 11 Mar 1727
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jabez Howland, Jr.
Gender Male
Alt Birth[2] 15 Sep 1669 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Birth[1][2] 15 Nov 1669 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage bef 1702 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Patience Stafford
Marriage Banns 11 Mar 1727 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United Statesto Mary Carder
Marriage aft 11 Mar 1727 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United States (probably)to Mary Carder
Death[2] 17 Oct 1732 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Burial[1][3][6] 19 Oct 1732 Saint Michaels Churchyard, Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United States
Probate[1] 27 Nov 1732 Administration to daughters Bethia Bragg and Elizabeth Howland.
Estate Inventory[1] 6 Dec 1732
Estate Settlement[5] 18 Apr 1734 Bristol, Bristol, Rhode Island, United StatesDivision of Estate
Estate Settlement[1] 21 May 1734 Division of the estate allowed by the Court.

Jabez3 Howland's Estate

"[From original division] On 18 April, 1734, Thomas Throope, Robert Jolls, Samuel Royall, John Bosworth and Jonathan Peck, made 'an Equall Division of the Reall Eastate in Bristll' as follows:

'To Jabez Howland oldestt son …'

'To Thomas Howland one of the Sons …'

'To ms Bethiah Davis one of the Daughters …'

'To Mercy martindall one of the Daughters …'

'To Elisabeth Little one of the Daughters …'

'To sarah Lawton one of the Daughters …'

'To Patience one of the Daughters …'

The division was allowed, 21 May, 1734. [The division was also recorded, 8:115.]"[4]

NOTE: A widow Howland is mentioned in the division but only as an abutting landowner. It is not clear whether she was the widow of Jabez3 Howland or of another Howland male.

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    Jabez3 Howland (Jabez2, John1) was born at Plymouth 15 November 1669 and died at Bristol 17 October 1732 in his 64th year, buried 19 October. He and his two wives were buried in St. Michael's Church Cemetery, Bristol. … On 27 November 1732 Bethia Bragg, widow, and Elizabeth Howland, spinster, both of Bristol were appointed administratrixes of the estate of their father Jabez Howland.

    [It is interesting to speculate why two of Jabez' daughters were named as administrators while his second wife was still living. His son Jabez was just underage and the only other daughter of age, Sarah, had married two months earlier. Bethiah had been widowed a few months earlier and did not marry her second husband until the next year and Elizabeth was still single though she, too, married the next year. It may be that Bethia and her young son had moved home to her father's household, so these two daughters were available.]

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    [p. 35:] Jabez Howland, the son of Jabez Howland was borne on the 15th day of Nouember, anno 1669.
    [p. 67:] Jabez Howland, the son of Jabez Howland, was borne the 15 of September, 1669.

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    Howland, Jabez, [buried] Oct. 19, 1732.

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    Jabez Howland. Division of Estate 18 Apr 1734, pps. 420-422 [8:115].
    *Widow Patience Howland.
    Sons: Jabez, eldest, and Thomas.
    Daughters: Bethiah Davis, Mercy Martindel, Elizabeth Little, Sarah Lawton and Patience Howland.

    *[A widow Howland was mentioned in the division but only as an abuttor to the lands being divided. It is not clear whether she was the widow of Jabez3 or another male Howland. Her baptismal name is not mentioned.]
    The RIGR abstract cited [8:115] which is abstracted in Abstracts of Bristol County Probate Records, 1687-1745 page 230 and does not mention a widow.

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  7.   LAND:
    -Heirs of William Hedge of Bristol to Jabez Howland Jr. of same. {Bristol County Deeds 6:320} ... 11 Mar 1709/10, Robert Fowler, mariner, of Boston and wife Sarah, Samuel Goreham, mariner of Newport and wife Elizabeth, which said Sarah and Elizabeth are the only surviving children of William Hedge, mariner, deceased, sold to Jabez Howland Jr., blacksmith ... house and land in Bristol.