Person:Issac Knighton (1)

Issac Knighton, Sr.
b.Abt 1730
  2. John KNIGHTON - 1793
  3. Margaret KNIGHTON
  4. Issac Knighton, Sr.Abt 1730 - Abt 1790
  5. Thomas KNIGHTON1730 - 1776
  6. Moses, Knighton, Jr.Bet 1732 & 1742 - 1795
  1. Issac KnightonAbt 1755 - 1824
  2. Thomas KNIGHTONAbt 1755 - 1827
  3. Martha (Patsy) KNIGHTON1758 - 1830
  4. Nancy KnightonEst 1760 - 1840
  5. Josiah Knighton1762 - Bet 1829 & 1830
  6. Ailsey KNIGHTON1764 - 1820
  7. Joseph KNIGHTON1767 - 1837
  8. Jesse KnightonAbt 1771 - Bet 1835 & 1836
Facts and Events
Name[1] Issac Knighton, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1730
Marriage to Margaret _____
Residence[1] Bef 1778 Craven, South Carolina, United States
Death? Abt 1790 Fairfield District, South Carolina, United States
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    [as posted to ancestry board [1] by debra elliott, 21 Aug 2002]

    Pay list of Captain David Davis' Company under the command of Colonel Richard Richardson, for the period Oct. 8,1759 to January 10,1760.
    Nr Rank Name
    ... 16 " Knighton, Isaac

    Pursant to a precept by the Hon. Egerton Leigh Esq. Surv. Genl. dated the 2nd day of Sept. 1760. I have ad measured and laid out unto Isaac Knighton a plantation or tract of land containing four hundred acres in Craven County, at the High Hills of Santee: Bounding to the S at one corner to land belonging to John James and bounded on all other sides by vacant land and hath such form shape and marked trees as in the above deliniated plat.
    John Evans D.S.

    On the 11th day of February 1762 Issac Knighton is granted 400 acres of land situated in Craven County at the High Hills of Santee bounding to the southward at one corner on lands belonging to John James and on all other sides by vacant land. Recorded Feb. 20,1762 0002 005 0010 00180 00 (1)

    March 9,1762 Plat for 200 acres in Craven County filed. 0009 003 0007 00244 02 (1)

    On February 11,1767 Isaac Knighton and his wife Margaret Knighton sold the 400 acre grant he had received on the 11th of February 1762 to Moses Green for three hundred pounds lawful money of the province.
    In presence of Thomas Knighton Isaac Knighton (seal)
    John Green Margaret Knighton (seal)
    0007 001 04V0 00313 00 (1)

    Pursuant to a precept from Jno. Bremar Esq. D.S.G. dated 4th day of December 1770 I have admeasured unto Isaac Knighton a tract of land containing 82 acres in Craven County lying on the east side of the Wateree River and on the High Hills of the Santee bounded to the W on land laid out to Wm. Dinking S likewise laid out to Wm. Helton to the SW by land laid out for Henry Pitts to the NW by Joseph Pitts to the NW by Joseph Howard land to the NE by land laid out for John James to the Sw-SW by land laid out for pete Mathews to the NW-SW by land laid out for Jas. Freeman to the S by land laid out for Francis Buly & hath such shape form & marks as the above plat represents.
    Certified Feb. 19,1771 by Joshua Wanibwell D.S. 0009 003 0017 00512 02 (1)
    Grant December 4,1771 0002 005 0024 00466 00 (1)
    Memorial 0030 002 0011 00153 04 (1)

    A memorial to John James listed in Volume 11, pg 333 on September 23,1772 makes reference to Isaac Knighton's land on one side and Daniel Holliday on the other. 0030 002 0011 00333 04 (1)

    On February 11,1775 Isaac Knighton and wife Margaret of St. Mark's Parish sold to Moses Green 400 acres for L300.0.0 lawful money of South Carolina. This was the 400 acres he had received in the grant of February 11,1762. Witnessed by his son Thomas Knighton. 0007 001 04V 000313 00 (1)

    It would appear that Isaac moved at this time, to the area of Craven County that later became Fairfield District after the War. The only mention of him after this when he sold his property to William Dinkins in 1778. William Dinkins and Moses Knighton both appear in the Association list of mid 1775 with Daniel Holiday, Isaac's son-in-law, and the Jury list of 1778, but Isaac and his son's-in-law, John and Elijah Hollis do not.

    In 1778 Isaac sold all of his land on the high hills (Sumter Co.) to William Dinkins Book X-4 1778, page 139 0017 001 04X0 00139 00 (1)
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