Place:Craven, South Carolina, United States


TypeFormer county
Located inSouth Carolina, United States     (1682 - 1768)
Contained Places
Inhabited place
Camp Creek

Craven County is a former county in the British colony of Carolana, which encompassed both the modern U.S. states of North and South Carolina.


- per Source:Schweitzer, George K. South Carolina Genealogical Research:

  • 1664 - Carolana Colony was established but without any British settlement and without surveyed boundaries
  • 1670 - Initial British settlement began in what is now Charleston
  • 1682/3 - Craven County was established, one of the three original counties, lying between the Cape Fear River (now in North Carolina) and south to the mouth of the Awndaw Creek (in what is now Berkeley County, South Carolina). The actual boundaries were never surveyed.
  • 1723 - South Carolina was established as a separate royal colony
  • 1768 - Craven County and all other counties were abolished by South Carolina and replaced with seven new "Districts," with governmental seats in each district. These were:

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