Person:Israel Rust (1)

Israel Rust, Sr.
d.11 Nov 1712
m. Bef 1638
  1. Samuel Rust1638 - Aft 1676
  2. Nathaniel Rust1639/40 - Bef 1713
  3. Hannah Rust1641 -
  4. Israel Rust, Sr.1643 - 1712
  5. Benomi Rust1646 - 1649
  • HIsrael Rust, Sr.1643 - 1712
  • WRebecca ClarkEst 1649 - 1732/33
m. 9 Dec 1669
  1. _____ Rust1670 - 1670
  2. Nathaniel Rust1671 -
  3. Samuel Rust1673 - 1701
  4. Sarah Rust1675 - 1746
  5. Experience Rust1677 -
  6. Israel Rust, Jr.1679 - 1759
  7. Jonathan Rust1681 -
  8. Rebecca RustAbt 1683 -
  9. John RustAbt 1685 -
Facts and Events
Name Israel Rust, Sr.
Gender Male
Christening[2] 12 Nov 1643 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
Residence[2] Bef 1651 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Other[3] 1668 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Statessigned petition against tariffs
Marriage 9 Dec 1669 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United Statesto Rebecca Clark
Other[4][5] 8 Dec 1678 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United StatesTook Oath of Allegiance
Other[5] 8 Jan 1684 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United Statesnamed in father's will -- did not inherit
Other[6] 30 May 1690 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United StatesFreeman
Death[5] 11 Nov 1712
Burial[1] 11 Nov 1712 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[5] 6 Dec 1712 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, United States
Ancestral File Number 9XXB-DK
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    Henry Rust Will: I do by virtue of these presents utterly exclude and debar . . . My son Israel Rust & his heirs. In witness whereof I the said Henry Rust have hereunto set my hand & seal this Twenty Eighth day of January anno Doni one thousand six hundred eighty & foure [see also: Suffolk County, MA, Record of Deeds, esp. p. 264 & ff], Vol. 13, 1683-1686
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    - 1678, 8 Dec., Israel Rust took the oath of allegiance
    - Israel Rust Died intestate 11 November 1712
    “Articles of agreement made by Rebecca Rust, widow & Relict of Israel rust, deceased, & Nathl & Israel, Jonathn & John Rust & Saml Allin & rRbert Danks with respect to the estate of the said Israel Rust, Deceased their Hond father –
    First. ‘Tis agreed that ye widow shall have out of the movable estate at her own disposal £24-9s-2d, and the use & improvement of one third of the Real Estate during life.
    2d That Nathl shall have £61, 16s, 2d, two thirds to be paid now, viz: lbs41, 4s, 1d, and after the decease of their mother, within three months, lbs20-12s-1d-
    3d That Israel shall have all the land in the Inventory in Pynchon’s meadow, being 8, acres, and the lot at Round Hill, all valued at lbs39, and his share is lbs20, 3s, 7d, he paying to the other children, Ten Pounds, Sixteen shillings & five pence –
    4th That Jonathn shall have one half of the house and homestead with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, only his mother’s third during life, his portion being Lbs36, 3s, 7d-and the half of the homestead being Lbs90-he paying out lbs53, 16s, 5d-
    5th – John shall have the other half of the house & homestead aforesaid, he paying out lbs18, 11s, 5d, the aforesaid three sons what they are particularly to pay out, two thirds is to be paid now, the other third within three months after their mother’s decease.
    6th That Samuel Allin, in right of his wife shall have twenty pounds one shilling & seven pence—
    7th That Robert Danks shall have in right of his wife, Thirty two pounds one shilling & seven pence, the daughter’s portion to be paid at the same time, and in the same proportion as the sons – And what is Israel, Jonathn & John to pay out together with the movables shall be to pay the Respective portions above mentioned, each of them giving particular obligation to pay sd money, & if there be any more estate ‘tis equally to be divided, & if lots to be so subducted, to the confirmation—we have signed and sealed this 6th of December, annoy Domini 1712 & pay ye judges confirmation—
    John Rust (seal) Israel Rust (seal)
    Sam’l Allin (seal)
    Rob’t R. Danks (seal) Johathn Rust (seal)
    Rebecca X her mark Rust (seal)
    Nathaniel Rust
    Mrs. Rebeckah Rust Relict to Israel Rust deceased Nathl Rust, Israel Rust Jonathn Rust, John Rust, Saml Allin in his wives Sarah Rust alias Allin’s right—Robert Danks in his wives Rebeckah Rust alias Danks right, have all come to & agreed to the within written agreem’t as a full settlement of the estate of the Sd Israel Rust, deceased, to which they have signed and sealed and acknowledged before me Saml Partridge, Judge of Probate, & which instrument I approve & allow as a full settlement of Sd estate as attests—Dated 6th December 1712.
    Samel Partridge
    On ye 6th Day of Dec. anni Dom. 1712—letters of administration on ye estate of Israel Rust late of Northampton in ye county of Hampshire deceased, was granted unto Rebeckah Rust widow and relict to Sd deceased, & to Jonathn Rust, they having given bonds as the law directs—
    An inventory of the estate of Israel Rust late of Northampton deceased and taken Dec. the 4th 1712
    . . . .
    Mrs. Rebeckah Rust ye Relict to Israel Rust, deceased, & their son Jonathn Rust, administrators to his estate, made oath to the above said Inventory of his estate, yt was a true Inventory so far as they know, & if more estate appears, they will readily make discover of it to ye judge of probate, or his successor in sd office, this 6h of December 1712.
    Appraisers: Benjn Edwards, Joseph Strong, Ebenar Wright
    Attest Saml Partridge

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