Person:Hezekiah Whitt (4)

Hezekiah N. "Low Hawk" Whitt
Facts and Events
Name Hezekiah N. "Low Hawk" Whitt
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1760
Will[3] 21 June 1815 Tazewell County, Virginia, USA
Death? Sept 3 1817 Tazewell County, Virginia, USA
Alt Death[1] Dec 1853

(Adopted by Thomas Mastin). He was said to have been named for Person:Hezekiah Whitt (3), who was a friend of his adoptive father, Thomas Mastin.

In the name of God, Amen, June 21, 1815. I, Hezekiah N. Whitt, of the County of Tazewell, being in perfect health and mind do hereby make testimony. It is my will that all just debts and funeral charges in full be paid.

I leave to my brother, Thomas B. Christian, all my apparel, both linen and woolen, and my horses and oxen. I leave to my sister, Sarah Adkins, £70, to be paid by my brother Thomas B. Christian, and two silver salt cellars and pots.

It is also my will that my burying place be for ever kept and be appropriated for that use and none other, and I hereby devise the said burying ground, containing three acres and 1/2, for as to be the burying place for all my descendants, and my wife Hannah shall allow to be there buried.

Last be known it, I leave to my wife, Hannah Whitt, 1/2 of two lots lying at Indian Creek, in Tazewell County, on the south side of the River, and now in occupation of Moses Christian; also all my estate at Sinking Waters, while she remains my widow, and she is to pay all my just debts and funeral charges. "I leave to my brother, Thomas B. Christian, my gold ring and my morters, and to him £100, he paying to the Patron or Lord of the Manor 5 bushels of wheat". I leave to my brother, Thomas B. Christian, after my wife's death or marriage, all the rest of the farm, and he is to pay to my sister, Sarah Adkins, £50, and to all my nephews and nieces, £5, and to the Patron or Lord of the Manor 5 bushels of wheat.

I make my wife executor.

Hezekiah N. Whitt

In the witness of William Davis & Thomas B. Christian Will was executed September 18, 1817, 15 days after the death of said Hezekiah Whitt.

Signed in authority of the State of Virginia by Leonard S. Harper

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