Person:Henry Farnlacher (1)

Henry A Farnlacher
b.25 Nov 1881 San Francisco, CA
d.26 Oct 1918 San Francisco, CA
m. 1881
  1. Henry A Farnlacher1881 - 1918
  2. Eva Farnlacher1886 - 1920
  3. Walter George Farnlacher1895 - 1918
  • HHenry A Farnlacher1881 - 1918
Facts and Events
Name Henry A Farnlacher
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Nov 1881 San Francisco, CA
Death? 26 Oct 1918 San Francisco, CA
Burial? Colma, CA, USA
Other? a policeman in San Francisco, CA; see notes Fact 1

Henry A Farnlacher died of the flu on October 26, 1918. He had been a policeman in San Francisco and had probably contracted the flu doing his job. The world was going through an influenza epidemic at this time. Walter Farnlacher (Henry's younger brother) and his wife Alma, and Harry Buckley died in a car accident with a train in Colma, CA. That was December 15, 1918. Emma Farnlacher and Eva Buckley (nee: Farnlacher) sustained serious injuries. Eva died in February 1920 of pneumonia. So within a short space of less than 18 months all three of Emma's children died. Only Henry had any offspring. That was Harry (Walter's father) who really did not know his father since Harry was not quite two years old when Henry passed away. -- from Walter Farnlacher, 8-30-1998. Updated W H Farnlacher 03/03/2014 and 10/08/2014

Is Henry's middle name "Adam"? Henry's middle name is Adam Charles. Henry A.C. Farnlacher. W H Farnlacher 03/03/2014