Person:Adam Farnlacher (1)

Adam Farnlacher
d.17 Nov 1908 San Francisco, CA
m. 1 Jun 1832
  1. Conrad Fahrnlocher1837 - 1841
  2. Johann Georg Fahrnlocher1839 - 1840
  3. Georg Augustin Fahrnlocher1841 - 1890
  4. Johann Peter Farnlacher1843 - 1861
  5. Johann Georg Fahrnlacher1845 - 1882
  6. Adam Farnlacher1852 - 1908
m. 1881
  1. Henry A Farnlacher1881 - 1918
  2. Eva Farnlacher1886 - 1920
  3. Walter George Farnlacher1895 - 1918
Facts and Events
Name[1] Adam Farnlacher
Gender Male
Birth[1] 18 Jan 1852 Germersheim am Rhein, Germany
Marriage 1881 to Emma A Roesler
Death? 17 Nov 1908 San Francisco, CA
Burial? Colma, CA, USA
Other? Lutheran Fact 1
Other? Burial in Greenlawn Cemetary, Colma, CA Fact 2

Is Adam's birthdate Jan 18 or Jan 19 (1852)?

The following from an e-mail conversation with Walt Farnlacher, Michael Helquist (, and Jack Farnlacher in August, 1998. (on 8-14-1999) I am researching a house in San Francisco that was built in 1905; the first owners were Adam and Emma Farnlacher. Do you have any information regarding this family line? I know that they had a son, Henry Adam, who later married a Caroline, that Henry died in his mid 30s; that Henry and Caroline had a son named Harry who married a Doris and later a Thelma; I believe they had a son named Walt, whose last listing in local directories was in 1966, living in Daly City, just south of San Francisco. The original house being studied is on the 1600 block of Fulton Street in San Francisco. Members of the family, primarily Emma, lived in the house until 1941 (when she might have died). (on 8-15-1999) My name is Michael Helquist and I am a writer and neighborhood organizer in San Francisco. One facet of my neighborhood work has been to encourage an appreciation of the historic features of our area. With that in mind, I created a "lottery" where individual neighbors could add their house as an entry in a drawing: the prize would be a fully researched profile of their house, the early owners and occupants, the architecture, the neighborhood surroundings in early San Francisco, etc. The first winners of the drawing happen to own a house at 1662-1664 Fulton Street, so I began work on it. So my contact with the Farnlacher family was simply the result of determining that Adam, in 1905, first applied to have water service connected to his new building (usually the person who applies is the owner, although not always). From there I searched SF city directories, block maps, old newspaper files, and other sources to develop a story of the house itself and the early occupants. Since the early Farnlachers lived in the house for a lengthy period, from 1905 until 1941, I accumulated information about their son Henry Adam, his wife Caroline, Henry Adam's early death, their son Harry, his marriages to Doris and then Thelma, and evidently their son, Walt -- all of which traced this part of the family line to 1966. And there the trail ended, until now. I have completed the story of the house, and it will be published in our neighborhood newsletter along with an artist's sketch of the building in a few weeks. I can certainly mail a copy to you. Although my work for the article is over, and I will have a new house to begin researching, I have to admit that I formed a fondness for the family, and a feeling for their circumstances. And, some facts have eluded me. So, just for my own information, which I could also share with the new owners of 1664 Fulton, I would love to hear more of the family -- before the late 1800s and afterwards.

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