Person:Heinrich Beyerbach (1)

Heinrich Friedrich Beyerbach
m. 17 AUG 1680
  1. Dorothea Margaretha Beyerbach1681 -
  2. Heinrich Friedrich Beyerbach1683/84 -
  3. Maria Agatha Beyerbach1685 - 1685/86
  4. Elizabetha Agatha Beyerbach1687 - 1687
  5. Johann Georg Beyerbach1690 -
  6. Phillip Gottfried Beyerbach1693/94 -
  7. Maria Margaretha Beyerbach1698 -
m. BEF 1716
  1. Anna Catherina BeyerbachABT 1716 -
Facts and Events
Name Heinrich Friedrich Beyerbach
Gender Male
Birth? 9 FEB 1683/84 Windischenbach, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg
Marriage BEF 1716 prob. Germanyto Anna Maria Unknown

Heinrich Beyerbach was one of the Early Settlers of Germanna Colony

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Heinrich Beyerbach, Germanna Colony Settler

Heinrich Beyerbach and his family were in the second Germanna Colony migration in 1717:

  • Heinrich Friedrich Beyerbach, Anna Maria, Anna Catharina, 1

Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 13-18. 1-23 Feb. 1741 [1742]. Peter Weaver of Orange County to Henry Frederick Beyerbeck of same. Lease and release; for £14.10 - current money. 100 acres in St. Mark's Parish, part of 400 acres granted to William Rush by pattent 11 May 1726... on an ivy point on the Robinson River side... mouth of Quaker's Run... line of the pattent... (signed) Peter (X) Weaver. Wit: Zacharias Blakenbeeker, John (IT) Zimmerman, John (O) Thomas. 22 July 1742. Acknowledged by Peter Weaver. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 8, Dorman, pg. 68].

Will of Heinrich Frederick Beyerbach

  • Page 76. [Will of Henry Frederick Phierpack], undated.
All my land and personal and real estate to Hannah Pierpack my wife. She shall not diminish out of the estate no forder than needfull.
At her deseas (decease) one half of my land and personal estate to my daughter Catrine Jones and the other half to Catrine her children.
Mical Cooar (Michael Clore) and Richard Burdyne executors.
(signed) Henry Frederick Phierpack.
Wit: Michal Cloar, Richard Burdyne.
27 Feb. 1745 [1746]. Presented into Court by Michael Clore and Richard Burdyne who refused to take upon them the burthen of execution. Proved by Michael Clore and Richard Burdyne. On motion of Hannah the widow certificate is granted for her obtaining letters of administration, giving security with Michael Clore and Michael Cook. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 13].
  • Page 84. Mr. Henry Frederick Fireback. Inventory. 25 March 1746. No total valuation; includes three Negroes valued at £47. (signed) Lewis Fisher, Jacob (A) Brayell, Peter (H) Flechman. 22 May 1746. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 2, Dorman, pg. 14].