Person:Harvey Beal (1)

Harvey Miller Beal
m. 23 Dec 1858
  1. Mary Beal1860 - 1863
  2. Naomi Miller Beal1861 - 1944
  3. William Henry Beal1863 - 1863
  4. Harvey Miller Beal1864 - 1933
  5. Marcellus Miller Beal1866 - 1916
  6. Abigail Beal1867 - 1925
  7. Sarah Miller Beal1869 - 1955
  8. Walter Miller Beal1874 - 1942
  9. Charles Miller Beal1877 - 1969
m. 16 Jun 1887
  1. Gladys Beal1889 - 1890
  2. Elsie Fredericka Beal1890 - 1983
  3. Ralph Leroy Beal1891 - 1991
  4. Jesse L. Beal1894 - 1971
  5. Frederick K. Beal1896 - 1984
  6. Edith M. Beal1899 - 1959
  7. Harold Francis Beal1902 - 1975
Facts and Events
Name Harvey Miller Beal
Gender Male
Birth? 6 Mar 1864 Saltlick Twp., Fayette, Pennsylvania
Marriage 16 Jun 1887 Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa, United Statesto Mary E. Kistner
Burial? 1933 Round Lake, Nobles, Minnesota, United States
Death? 14 Nov 1933 Cavalier, Pembina, North Dakota

Harvey can be located in the following census:

1870 Black Hawk Twp., Black Hawk, IA Federal Census 1880 Black Hawk Twp., Black Hawk, IA Federal Census 1885 Black Hawk Twp., Black Hawk, IA State Census 1895 Black Hawk Twp., Black Hawk, IA State Census 1900 Center, Emmet, IA Federal Census 1920 Big Bend, Chippewa, MN Federal Census 1930 Big Bend, Chippewa, MN Federal Census

Harvey Beal

- 1933

Mary Kistner Beal

-  1941

Parents of Ralph, Jesse, Elsie, Harold, Gladys, Fredrick and Edith. Grandparents of Stanley, Mary Elizabeth (Betty), and Barbara. Great Grandparents of Linda, Susan, Kathy, Larry, Elise (Betty's children) and Great Grandparents of Diane, Dale, Duane Leann (Barbara's children) Great Great Grandparents of Ross and David(Linda), Amy and Molly,(Susan) Michael, Matthew, and Timothy,(Kathy)and Rachel and Sarah (Elise)and Great Great Grandparents of Eric and Maggie (Diane), Danielle and Derek (Dale), Candace, Curtis and Carissa (Duane) Dustin, Brady and Riley (Leann). Great Great Great grandparents of Alex and Shelby (Ross), Madelyn and Hannah (Amy), Ellie, Emma and Drew (Michael).

The following pages include information on the ancestry of Harvey and Mary Kistner Beal. They immigrated from Hannover, Germany. Mary’s father died of a stroke in the outdoor toilet. Mary’s mother came to America in a sailboat. The voyage took 6 weeks of travel.

Harvey and Mary were married on June 16, 1887. She weighed 100 pounds on her wedding day. Her wedding dress has been saved through the years and is at Stanley Beal’s home. Mary was a refined and cultured lady who taught school.

They were members of the Baptist church in Grouver, Iowa. In the early 1900’s the Beals’ moved to Mission Hill, South Dakota. Later they would move to the Round Lake, Minnesota area. After Harvey died, Mary lived with her son Ralph until her death October 8, 1941. Both Harvey and Mary are buried in the Round Lake Cemetery.

Children of Harvey and Mary: Elsie – married Walter Weaver, Cavalier,North Dakota Ralph - married Frieda Morgan, Round Lake, MN Jesse - married Clara Morgan, Spokane, WA Edith - married Lloyd Steensland, Appleton, MN Harold - married Viola Germain, Wheaton, MN Fred - married May Hayes, Appleton, MN Gladys died of diptheria as a child

Mary Kistner Beal: Became senile. Mary Elizebeth (Betty) Beal remembers her spreading her hand with butter. Lived in the little house on farm until she moved in with Edith and Lloyd Steensland.

Harvey occupation:

Taken from the Iowa State Reporter (Waterloo, Iowa) June 23, 1887: "There was a very quiet wedding at the home of Rev. Jesse Beal last Thursday evening, June 16, 1887. Their oldest son, Harvey M. and Miss Mary E. Kistner were the contracting parties. The ceremony was performed by Rev. S. H. Bashor. By the request of Mrs. Beal, who is in very poor health, they were married at the Beal residence, instead of at the home of the bride as first intended. Only the immediate friends of the bride and groom were present." Mrs. Jesse Beal had severe asthma.

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  1.   Bob, Sr. and I sort of grew up together as they lived in this area until 1941, I think, when they went west for the employment boom of WW-II. Uncle Jesse had farmed in this area but did not like farming and that was his chance for a big change. Our families were always together for special occasions etc. Bob was only 3 years younger than me. I know Robert, Jr. but not real well. He came onto the scene after they moved west and I saw him there only. "per email from Stanley Beal 24 March 2010"
  2.   Per an email from Stanley Beal of Round Lake, MN dated 30 July 2010: Your past interest in the tombstones of family brings back this memory of when my Grandfather Harvey left us. I was 13. That was still THE GREAT DEPRESSION. The Appleton area, where Aunt Edith and Uncle Fred lived, was experiencing a bit of THE DUST BOWL and life was uncertain there while things were a bit better here in the heavier soil. The family felt my Dad and Uncle Jesse were the most permanently located at the time so he was buried here. I don't know if you want things like this in your records or not. Uncle Jesse's family moved to Washington during WW-II. I was born north of town and am still here. My mother was born here and my Granddad came at one year of age and never left. My Maternal Great Grandfather, Welsh, Homesteaded here after his Discharge from THE CIVIL WAR.