Person:Hans Dieterich Weber (2)

Hans Dieterich Weaver
m. 26 JAN 1706
  1. Hans Martin Weber1707 - 1707
  2. Johann George Weaver1708 - 1708
  3. Hans George Weber1709 - 1709
  4. Hans Dieterich Weaver1710 - bef 1763
  5. Maria Sophia Weber1713 - 1717
  6. Hans George Weber1715 - 1717
  7. Margaret Waldburga Weber1717 - 1778
  • HHans Dieterich Weaver1710 - bef 1763
  • WElizabeth Volck1710/11 - 1763
m. abt. 1728
  1. John Weber1728 - abt 1807
  2. Anna Barbara WeberAbt 1730 -
  3. Matthias WeaverAbt 1732 - bef 1821
  4. Peter WeaverAbt 1735 -
  5. Elizabeth Weber1738 - 1789
  6. Margaret WeaverAbt 1741 -
  7. Catherine WeaverAbt 1744 -
  8. Hannah WeaverAbt 1748 -
Facts and Events
Name Hans Dieterich Weaver
Alt Name Hans Dieterich "Peter" Weber
Alt Name Peter Weber
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 8 Nov 1706 Palatinate, Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany
Birth? 1710 Gemmingen, Baden, Bavaria
Alt Birth? 8 NOV 1710 Baden
Marriage abt. 1728 Virginiato Elizabeth Volck
Death? bef. 18 August 1763 Bromfield Parish, Culpepper County, Virginia

Will of Peter Weaver

Will of Peter Weaver, Written 27 March 1763 - Filed 18 August 1763
In the Name of God amen I Peter Wever of the Parish of Bromfield and County of Culpeper being sick in Body but in Perfect sense and memory do make this my last will & Testament utterly Denying all other will or wills by me made in manner and form following first I recommend my Soul to God that gave it trusting and surely believing that through the (marits) (merits)? of my Blessed saviour Jesus Christ to receive full remission and forgiveness of all my Sins my Body I Commit to the Earth to be decently (buried) at the Direction of my Executors hearafter Named 13:38, 27 February 2012 (EST)13:38, 27 February 2012 (EST)
Imprimis I give unto my Daughter Elisabeth Christler one hundred and thirty three acres Land Beginning at three (red oaks) ______ to John Wever to hold to her her heirs forever
Im Primis I give unto my Daughter Margret Wever one hundred & thirty three acres of Land _____ to Elisabeth Christler to hold her her heirs forever
Im Primis I give unto my Daughter Barbary Carpenter one hundred & thirty three acres of Land _____ to Marget Wever to hold to her her heirs forever
Im Primis I give unto my Daughter Catharina Weavour and my Daughter Hanah Wever the trac of Land where on I now do live with the sd. Plantation to be Equally Divided Between them to hold to them their heirs foreverDelijim 13:38, 27 February 2012 (EST)
Im Primis I give unto my Daughter Margret and Catharina Wever and Hanah Weaver Each of them one Cow & Calf one Blanket and Bed each to hold them their heirs forever
Im Primis I give unto my Beloved wife Elisabeth Wever my Houses and Plantation and all the remainder of my Estate whatsoever that is to say Negroes Horses Cattle hoggs Sheep household goods of all sorts? That after her Decease or marrage but if in Case she should marry them she is to have Thirth part of all my Estate til after his (sic) decease and then the sd. Thirth part is to fall back to all my sons and Daughters to hold to them her heirs forever
And I will that at my personal Estate Good & Chattles be Equally Divided amongst my children that is to say John Weaver Mathias Weaver Peter Weaver Barbary Carpenter Elisabeth Christler Margret Weaver Chatharin Weaver and Hanah Weavour to hold to them their heirs for ever that is to say after my above sd. Wife decease or Marriage Lastly I make and ordain my beloved Sons John Wever Mathias Weaver Executors of this my last Will and Testament revocking all other wills by me made and in Witness that this be my last will & testament I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 27th day of March
(signed) Peter + Wever ( L S )
Michle X Yeager
Michle + Utz
Zack Blankenbiker
At a Court held for the County of Culpeper on Thursday the 18th Day of August 1763
This last will and Testament of Peter Wever Dec'd. was Exhibited to the Court by John & Matthias Wever Executors therein named and was Proved by the Oaths of Michael Yeager, Michle Utz Witnesses there to & ordered to be Recorded and on the Motion of the said Exors. Certificate if Granted them for obtaining a Probat thereof in due Form they have sworn to the Same & Given Bond & Security as the Law Directs
Roger Dison Clk
[Source: Culpeper County Virginia, Will Book A, pages 343-44].

Information on Hans Dieterich "Peter" Weber (Weaver)

Peter F. Weaver, Sr
Born: 8 Nov 1706, Palatinate, Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany
Marriage: Elizabeth Volck in 1763 (s/b. abt. 1728) in Madison, Culpeper County, Virginia
Died: 18 Aug 1763, Madison, Culpeper County, Virginia at age 56
Another name for Peter was Hans Dietrich Weber.
Changed Name: changed name from Hans Dietrich Weber to Peter Frederick Weaver, 1717, Culpepper County, Virginia.
He emigrated with his family to Germanna, Virginia on board Capt. Torbett's ship "Scott" between 1717 and 1734 from Gemmingen, Germany. 1


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