Person:Hans Broyles (1)

Hans Jacob Broyles
m. 6 Nov 1703
  1. Conrad Broyles1705 - 1705
  2. Hans Jacob Broyles1705 - 1763
  3. Mattheus Broyles1706 - 1708
  4. Appellomia Broyles1707 - 1766
  5. John BroylesAbt 1708 -
  6. Conrad Broyles1709 - 1783
  7. Jerg Martin Broyles1711 -
  8. Mary Elizabeth Broyles1716 - 1766
  9. Christley Broyle1718 - 1719
  10. Catherine Broyles1718 -
m. 1727
  1. Adam BroylesAbt 1728 - 1782
  2. Jacob Broiles Broyles1728 - 1798
  3. Cyrus Broyles1732 - 1826
  4. Catherine Broyles1734 - 1831
  5. Peter C Broyles1737 - 1823
  6. Michael Broyles1739 - 1837
  7. Matthias Broylesabt 1740 - 1818
  8. Nicholas Broyles1740 - 1814
  9. Mary Elizabeth Broyles1740 - 1815
  10. Elizabeth Broyles1741 - 1783
  11. John Broyles1742 - 1785
  12. Zacharias BroylesABT 1744 - 1802
  13. Martha Broyles1746 - 1818
  14. Mary Broyles1748 - 1761
Facts and Events
Name Hans Jacob Broyles
Baptismal Name[2] Hans Jacob Breÿal
Alt Name Hans Jacob Briel
Gender Male
Baptism[2] 26 Mar 1705 Ötisheim, Württemberg, Germany
Marriage 1727 Culpeper County, Virginiato Mary Catherine Fleischman
Burial[1] 1763 Bromfield Parish, Culpeper, Virginia, United States
Death[1] 18 May 1763 Virginia, United States

Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 74-78. 28-29 July 1737. Ziriachus Fleishman of Orange County to Jacob Proyle (s/b Broyle) and Mary Catherine his wife of same. Lease and release; for ₤20 current money, 156 acres, part of 390 acres granted to Ziriachus Fleishman 24 June 1726.. by the river side.. (signed) Zir Fleishman. Wit: Wm. Waller, James Porteus, John Smith. 25 Aug 1737. Acknowledged by Ziriachus Fleishman. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 39-40].

(Note: Ziriachus (Cyriacus) Fleishman was the father-in-law of Jacob Broyles).

Information on Hans Jacob Broyles

From "Thomas Wieland (Wayland) and related lines": (

Jacob BROYLES was born in Oteisheim, Wurtemburg, , Germany and was christened on 26 Mar 1705 in Oteisheim, Wurtemburg, , Germany. He died on 18 May 1763 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia and was buried in 1763 in Bromfield Parish, Culpeper, VA. Jacob married Maria Catharina FLESHMAN in 1727.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. Six, p.19

Came over with his father and was an adult when arrived from Germany, as he proved his own importation 2 May 1727. His 9 sons and 3 dtrs. and their lines are mentioned in the Keith work: "The Germanna Colony of 1717" (William and Mary College Quarterly, First Series, Vol. 26, pp.79-95, 178-195, 234-249).

Following quoted from John Blankenbaker's notes:

Henry Schlucter was born 7 May 1697. Before he was a year old, his father died on 13 Feb 1698. About three years later, Anna Barbara Schne married her third husband, Cyriacus Fleischmann on 5 May 1701. At this time, she was thirty-six years old. Two surviving children were born in this third marriage in Neuenbrg, the small village where Anna Barbara had lived her life.

1.Maria Catharina Fleischmann, b. 26 Jan 1704, 2.Hans Peter Fleischmann, b. 10 Apr 1708.

Anna Barbara was now forty-three years old. Her eldest son, John Nicholas "Blankenbaker" was twenty-six years old.

In 1717, Anna Barbara, her third husband, Cyriacus, and her seven children, and four grandchildren left for the new world, Pennsylvania to be more exact. Surprisingly they all seem to have survived the trip.

Maria Catherine Fleshman married (Hans) Jacob Broyles in Virginia. They had eleven children:

Adam Broyles, b. 1728, m. Mary Wilhoit, Nicholas Broyles, b. c1730, m. Dorothea Crisler, Cyrus Broyles, b. c.1732, m. Mary Wilhoit, Jacob (Jacob 2) Broyles, b. 1735, m. Elizabeth Yowell, Peter Broyles, b. 1737, m. Elizabeth Blankenbaker, Catherine Broyles, b. c.1740, m. John Wayland, Michael Broyles, b. Jun 1740, m. Elizabeth Klug, Elizabeth Broyles, b. c.1740, m. Conrad Wilhite, John Broyles, b. c.1745, m.1, Margaret ___, m.2 Frances ____, Zacharias Broyles, b. c.1744, m. Delilah Clore, Mathias Broyles, b. c.1746, m. Eve Klug.

The German history is courtesy of the research of Margaret James Squires. The Fleshman history I have taken from "Our Families" by Larry G. Shuck. Larry was assisted ably by Ardys Hurt.

As is often the case, not all researchers agree, and I would say that Peter Broyles married Elizabeth ____ (perhaps Finks) who was a stepdaughter of Zacharias Blankenbaker.

Peter Broyles, b. c.1745, m. Elizabeth ____ (perhaps Finks).

From Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

In 12/98, I received an email from the below person:

Jacob A. Broyles m. Catherine Fleishman l Catherine Broyles m. John Wayland (she is my 6th Great Aunt)

Jacob Broyles m. Elizabeth Yowell

Lewis/Louis Broyles m. Mary Cain/McCain (He is my 4th great grandfather. Louis was a soldier in the American Revolution).

James Allen Broyles m. Nancy Caroline Waddle

Jonathan Montgomery Broyles m. Sarah Jane Reaves

Oscar Owen Broyles m. Elizabeth Hollinger

Mabel Lillian Broyles m. (1) Robert Schneider (2) Delos Linton

Elizabeth Emily Schneider (me) m. Charles Pearson Jinks

(Elizabeth Schneider Jinks)

Maria Catharina FLESHMAN [Parents] was born on 26 Jan 1704 in Neuenberg, , Germany. She died after 1771 in , Culpeper Co., Virginia and was buried in Bromfield Parish. Maria married Jacob BROYLES in 1727.

NOTE: Germanna Record No. Six, p.19; Keith, p.90. The English version of her name after she arrived was "Mary Catherine." The name Fleischmann is not unusual in German. It means "flesh" plus "man" or a butcher. 260. Jacob Broyles: 26 March 1705, Germany; d 1763, Culpeper County, VA

    (now Madison County)

261. Mary Catharine Fleishman: b 26 January 1703/04, Neuenburg, Baden, Germany

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    Scanned image from microfilm from FamilySearch provided by Steve Broyles. No English translation provided. Key words in Latin and German are listed with English equivalents.
    Jahr únd Tag:(March 1705) d. 26 k"g
    Eltern: Johannes Breÿal, uxor Ursula
    Kinder: Hans Jacob. Conrad.[Twins]
    Gevattern: Conrad Hof. B. Conrad. Mattheus Lehrer Beck cu sponsa Elisab. Schererin.