Person:Hannah Fox (6)

Hannah Fox
m. 22 Jul 1670
  1. Hannah Fox1671 -
  2. David Fox, Jr.1672 - 1679/80
  3. William Fox1672/73 - Bef 1718
  4. Mary Ball FoxAbt 1674 -
  5. Capt. Samuel Fox1673/74 - 1712
m. Abt 1689
  1. Mary MottromAbt 1690 -
  2. Spencer MottromAbt 1690 -
m. Abt 1694
  1. Elizabeth KennerEst 1694 -
  2. Hannah Kenner1695 - Aft 1739
  3. Richard KennerAbt 1700 - Bef 1726/27
  4. Rodham KennerAbt 1703 -
m. Bef 17 May 1710
  1. Frances SpellmanBef 1717 -
Facts and Events
Name[3] Hannah Fox
Married Name[1][3] Mrs. Hannah Spelman
Gender Female
Birth? 25 Jul 1671 Northumberland, Virginia, United States
Marriage Abt 1689 Virginiato John Mottrom
Marriage Abt 1694 Lancaster,,Virginia,USAto Capt. Rodham Kenner
Other? 19 Sep 1706 Hannah, relict of Rodham to have wearing apparell. Citation needed
Other? 21 May 1708 Suit vs. Clement & Hannah dismissed Citation needed
Marriage Bef 17 May 1710 Northumberland, Virginia, United Statesper court documents
to Clement Spellman
Other[1] 22 Mar 1717 Lancaster, Virginia, United Statesnamed in Will of William Fox, her brother
  1. 1.0 1.1 Will Abstract of William Fox, in William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. (Omohundro Institute).

    [Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 61] -
    Will of William Fox.
    To sister Hannah Spellman (note 3) the use of 4 negroes during life and then to her daughter Frances Spellman, and if she die without issue to Elizabeth Vaulx (note 4) & Hannah Harris (note 5). To wife Anne, a negro girl for life & then to Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. George Heale. To said Elizabeth Heale 3 negroes & if she dies without issue to Ellen & Sarah Heale. To Ellen, daughter of Capt. George Heale two negroes, with reversion to Elizabeth & Sarah Heale. To nephew David Fox my watch & silver tobacco box. Sister [in-law] Anne Fox a ring, to sister Hannah Spellman a ring, to William Dare £6 to buy his wife rings, to sister [in-law] Catherine Heale a ring, to James Reeves & William Atchison a cow & calf each, to Thomas Frayser my wearing clothes, except my broad cloth suit trimmed with gold, my new silk suit that came in this year & my new beaver hat & silk stockings. To parish church of St. Mary's White Chapel the font that came in this year, & it is my will that my wife send for the Lord's prayer & creed well drawn in gold letters & my name under each of them set in black frames, to give to the said church. Whole estate, as it now stands, to wife for life, to nieces Frances Spellman & Frances Fox all the negro children that shall be born for seven years. My clothes before excepted to Major William Ball & James Ball. To Capt. George Heale £5, William Payne £5, nephew Richard Kenner (note 6) £6 ; after death of wife estate given to his nephew, David Fox, except plate (not here mentioned) which he gives to wife Anne ; but if said nephew dies without issue give estate to Frances Fox, Frances Spellman & all the daughters of George Heale then alive. To Elizabeth, daughter of George Heale, 10 head of cattle. Wife and Mr. William Payne executor. Dated March 22, 1717-1718. Proved Nov. 12, 1718.

    [See Transcript for "notes". Also, "in-law" was added for clarification, since the term "sister" was used for both sisters and sisters-in-law.]
    [Identifies her as sister to William Fox, wife of Spellman, and mother of Frances Spellman.]

  2.   .

    Hannah FOX b. maybe 25 Jul 1671 - d. AFT 1717 ID Number: I75071 RESIDENCE: Lancaster and Northumberland Cos. VA

    BIRTH: maybe 25 Jul 1671, Lancaster Co. Virginia
    DEATH: AFT 1717, Northumberland Co. Virginia
    RESOURCES: See: CONFLICT notes [S3226] [S3414]
    Father: David FOX Gent. "the Immigrant"
    Mother: Mary

    Family 1 : John MOTTROM MARRIAGE: ABT 1689, Virginia
    Spencer MOTTROM
    +Mary MOTTROM

    Family 2 : Rodham KENNER Sr. MARRIAGE: ABT 1694, Virginia
    Hannah KENNER
    +Elizabeth KENNER
    Richard KENNER
    Rodham KENNER Jr.

    Family 3 : Clement SPELLMAN MARRIAGE: BEF 21 May 1708, Northumberland Co. Virginia

    VA Genealogies (Hayden), H414, p118
    b: Genealogies of VA Families, vol III, He->M, (Wm & Mary Qtly) G326, p253.
    and Virginia Genealogies by Rev Horace Edwin Hayden p82 ref 21.
    The FOX Family Bible.

    19 Sep 1706 Hannah, relict of Rodham to have wearing apparell.
    21 May 1708 Suit vs. Clement & Hannah dismissed.

    Marriages of Some VA Residents 1607-1800 Author: Dorothy Ford Wulfeck
    Publication: 1963 Book Page: 52.

    Title: Virginia Genealogies Author: Horace Edwin Hayden, Rev. Book Page: 60.

    Title: Genealogies of Virginia Families Book Page: 817, Vol. III

    Hill, p. 49-50; Cukro, 14, 58-59 (#27); Hayden, 82-83.

    Neither Hill nor Cukro list sons Richard and Rodham, Jr. See Hayden.

    For Kenner Family, see William and Mary Quarterly, First Series, Vol. 14, p. 173ff.

  3. 3.0 3.1 Hannah Fox, in William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. (Omohundro Institute).

    [Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 63]

    (3.) Hannah Fox married (I) Rodham Kenner; (II) Clement Spelman. Clement Spelman sues Francis Kenner for a negro, and the right is "determined to be in the plaintiff's wife by nature of a gift to her from her former husband Rodham Kenner,"March 21, 1712. (North'd Co. Rec.) Clement Spelman and Hannah, his wife, vs. Joseph Ball, May 17, 1710. Frances Spelman, her daughter, married Parish Garner. QUARTERLY, XIV., 9, 179.

    [cos1776 note: who is Francis Kenner? Needs review.]

    [Series 1, Vol 17, No 1, p 63]

    (4.) Elizabeth Kenner, daughter of Rodham Kenner and Hannah Fox, married (I) Richard Bushrod, son of Thomas B; (II) Robert Vaulx, of Westmoreland County; (III) Rev. Lawrence De Butts. Richard Bushrod, married Elizabeth Kenner, daughter of Rodham Kenner and died leaving his wife with child of a son Richard, 1712. (North'd Co. Rec.) Robert Vaulx and Elizabeth, his wife, one of the daus. and legatees of Rodham Kenner, Aug. 21, 1712. In his will proved January 18, 1727, Richard Kenner mentions his sister, Elizabeth DeButts.
    [Identifies her as wife of Rodham Kenner and mother of Elizabeth Kenner.]
    [need to track down all records and create transcripts]