Person:Hannah Brautman (1)

m. 5 Jun 1892
  1. Rachel Brautman1893 - 1957
  2. Fanny Brautman1897 - 1984
  3. Hannah Brautman1900 - 1930
  4. Nina Brautman1902 - 1977
  5. Celia Brautman1904 - 1923
m. 9 Aug 1930
Facts and Events
Name Hannah Brautman
Gender Female
Birth[2] 8 Feb 1900 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Marriage 9 Aug 1930 New York City, New York, United Statesto Stephen Bazdan
Death[2][1] 19 Nov 1930 New York City, New York, United States

Hannah was the third of five daughters in the family of Louis and Bertha Brautman (later Brantman). According to her niece Elayne, Hannah had a long-running and ultimately unfulfilled engagement to a Jewish man named Avi, who kept putting her off with the excuse that he had to take care of his mother. She eventually met another man where she worked, with whom she fell in love, but he was not Jewish. When she married him, her parents declared her dead and sat shivah. Sadly, she did actually die at age 30, of cancer, only a few months after marrying. Much later, Hannah's sister Rhea met Avi, who did eventually marry someone else, and Rhea reported that Avi's wife looked just like Hannah. Also, many years later, when visiting Hannah's grave, Rhea met Hannah's husband, who was also visiting her grave. She reported that he had not married again. Elayne thought she remembered that Hannah's husband was Irish.

Another of Hannah's nieces, Carol, had in her possession a wedding announcement from Hannah's wedding, which gave the name of the husband as Stephen A. Bazdan. Looking up that name revealed that he was a clerk in a printing house (1930 census), and the son of Slovenian immigrants. He appears to have lived until 1987, and may have remarried very late in life.

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  • Look up Manhattan 1930 death cert 26275. ItalianGen index has it as "Hannah Brazdau", age 30, died 19 Nov 1930.
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  2. 2.0 2.1 Hannah's birth and death date were obtained from a handwritten list of family birth and death dates, probably written around 1950, in the possession of Carol Miropol. Her listing in the 1910 and 1920 census roughly corroborate the birthdate. No birth certificate nor death certificate has been found.