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Grover Cleveland Tarbet
m. 17 NOV 1864
  1. William Robert Tarbet1865 - 1898
  2. James Henry Tarbet1867 - 1936
  3. John Marshall Tarbet1869 - 1932
  4. Charles Francis Tarbet1872 - 1946
  5. George Marion Tarbet1874 - 1938
  6. Mary Jane Tarbet1874 - 1954
  7. Samuel Thomas Tarbet1876 - 1878
  8. Walter Emett Tarbet1879 - 1951
  9. Jesse Elmer Tarbet1882 -
  10. Besse Ellen Tarbet1882 - 1908
  11. Grover Cleveland Tarbet1884 - 1941
  12. Thomas Hendrix Tarbet, Sr.1884 - 1967
  13. Martin Luther Tarbet1887 - 1890
  14. Ida Josephine Tarbet1889 - 1972
m. 25 September 1905
  1. John Henry Tarbet1906 - 1906
  2. Eva Helen Tarbet1908 -
  3. Elmer Cleveland Tarbet1912 - 1960
  4. Annie Elizabeth Tarbet1915 -
  5. Iva Myrttle Tarbet1918 -
  6. Delbert Keith Tarbet1920 -
  7. Chester Leroy Tarbet1923 - 1974
  8. William Dell Tarbet1926 - 1985
  9. Delmer Tarbet1926 - 1926
  10. Robert Lee Tarbet1929 - 2001
Facts and Events
Name Grover Cleveland Tarbet
Gender Male
Birth? 16 MAY 1884 Kirby, Shelby, Missouri, United States
Marriage 25 September 1905 Aubrey, Denton, Texas, United Statesto Mattie Armilda "Millie" Lawson
Death? 24 NOV 1941 Ringling, Jefferson, Oklahoma, United States
Burial? Hewitt Cemetery, Wilson, Atoka, Oklahoma, United States

Grover was born May 16, 1884 near Kirby Missouri, the twin brother to Thomas Hendrix Tarbet, to John W. and Nancy Kenning, Tarbet. He spent his boyhood in school and sawing ice into blocks from the frozen river, where he also became a skillful ice skater. He also worked in his fathers merchantile store until the family moved to Rule Texas, in 1900. During the trip to Texas Grover became ill, and stayed a while with his uncle Sam Kenning, in Denton, Co. Texas.

On Sept 25, 1905 he married Mattie Armilda "Millie" Lawson in Aubrey, Texas.

"Millie" was the daughter of Annie Kenning Lawson and Henry Lawson. Annie Lawson was Sam Kenning's Daughter. This made Grover and "millie" second cousin, since Grover's mother Nancy was also a Kenning. In this early marriage Grover and "Millie" lived in Rule, Texas, where he drove a dray waggon, pulled by two horses. Grover and Milie moved to Howard Co, TX, and stayed there until 1935. He then moved to Weatherford Texas, where he operated a saw mill for a year or so. In 1937 he moved to Ringling Oklahoma vacinity. He worked for the state for a while before returning to farming about 5 miles west of Ringling.. He stayed on the farm for the rest of his life, dying on Nov 24, 1941.

Grover and Mattie had 10 Children.

After Grovers' death, Millie married and divorced J. R. Millsap. After the death of Mr. Milsap, millie married Thomas Hendrix Tarbet, Crover's twin brother.

1900 Census has Grover living in Black Creek, Shelby, Mo

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  1.   Nancy Elizabeth Kenning Tarbet. Family Bible Births Page, Primary quality.

    Grover Clev^e land Tarbet .. May 16th 1884