Person:Giles Slocum (8)

Giles Slocum
m. 20 NOV 1621
  1. Giles Slocum1623 - Bef 1682
  • HGiles Slocum1623 - Bef 1682
  • WJoanne Cook1620 - 1679
m. 1635
  1. Johanna Slocum1642 - 1727/28
  2. Capt. John Slocum1645 - bef 1702
  3. Hon. Giles Slocum1647 - 1683
  4. Rev. Ebenezer Slocum1650 - 1715
  5. Nathaniel Slocum1652 - bef 1703
  6. Rev. Peleg Slocum1654 - bef 1732/33
  7. Samuel Slocumest 1657 - 1700
  8. Mary Slocum1660 - 1689
  9. Eliezer Slocum1664 - bef 1727
Facts and Events
Name Giles Slocum
Gender Male
Birth? 28 Sep 1623 Old Cleeve, Somerset, England
Marriage 1635 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United Statesto Joanne Cook
Death[5] Bef 12 Mar 1682/1683 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United StatesWill proved
Will[1][5] 10 Oct 1681 Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, United States


Whether or not Philip is the father of Giles Slocum remains a matter of great debate. Early genealogists have posited that Giles is the son of Anthony Slocum, another early New England settler. See A Short History of the Slocums, etc..

Later genealogists suggest that Philip Slocombe and Charity Bickham may be Giles Slocum's parents. Philip's will does mention a son, Giles, but none of Giles' children are named Philip or Charity, which would be unusual. Additional genealogical detective work supporting this theory appears in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.S2

An article in Rhode Island Roots S3 by Jane Fletcher Fiske suggests that Giles's father may be another Giles, the possible older brother of Philip Slocum.

Finally, a DNA study completed and reported in New England Ancestor's magazine reports that Giles and Anthony Slocum share Y-DNA, which means they share a common ancestor, although the DNA evidence doesn't show (yet) how closely related Giles and Anthony are.S4


Giles Slocum first appears on the records of Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1648, when he acquires 30 acres of land from the town for three pounds (2 shillings an acres). Over the next 20 years, Giles Slocum acquires numerous parcels of land, in Portsmouth, in New Jersey, in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, many of which he transferred to his children.S1

Giles Slocum and his wife were apparently early members of the Friends, who receive a bequest in Giles' will.

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    DNA evidence indicates Giles and Anthony Slocum share a common ancestor.

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    Giles Slocum of Portsmouth. Will dated 10 Oct 1681, proved 12 Mar 1683, pps. 201-202.
    Sons: Samuell, John, Gyles, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Peleg & Elieazer.
    Daughters: Johanah Mott & Mary Tucker.
    Unnamed grandchildren.