Person:Georgeann Warner (1)

Georgeann Warner
b.18 Mar 1827 Bath County, Kentucky
m. 16 Apr 1826
  1. Georgeann Warner1827 - 1886
  2. Warren W. Warner1828 - 1909
  3. Jacob Clay Warner1830 - 1910
  4. Martha A. Warner1831 - 1854
  5. Vianna Warner1833 - 1905
  6. Stephen M. Warner1835 - 1927
  7. Sarah Warner1838 -
  8. Tandy Allen WarnerAbt 1838 - 1898
  9. Deborah Warner1839 - 1896
  10. Jonas R Warner, Jr.1841 - 1923
  11. Nancy Warner1842 - 1927
  12. Charles Odd Warner1845 - 1920
  13. John Warner1847 - 1853
  14. Mary Fenton Warner1848 - 1931
  15. Lansdale WarnerAbt 1849 -
  16. Thomas Warner1851 - 1953
  17. Sophie Miriah Warner1852 - Bef 1860
  18. Maranda Warner1855 - 1927
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6] Georgeann Warner
Gender Female
Birth[3][1][7][2] 18 Mar 1827 Bath County, Kentucky
Marriage 15 Dec 1843 Bath County, Kentuckyto Thomas J. Runnells
Death? 9 May 1886 Bath County, Kentucky
Burial? May 1886 Warner Cemetery, Owingsville, Bath, Kentucky, United States
Other? Enumerated in 1850 Bath County, Kentucky census with husband, Thomas Reynolds.Census-1850
Other? Listed as head of household in 1860 Bath County, Kentucky census.Census-1860
Other? Listed as head of household in 1880 Bath County, Kentucky census.Census-1880
Reference Number? 5088

1850 Bath County, Kentucky census 34 69 69 Thomas Reynolds 31 M Farmer 400 KY 35 69 69 George A Reynolds 23 M KY 36 69 69 William A Reynolds 5 M KY 37 69 69 Mary E Reynolds 4 F KY 38 69 69 Rinney Reynolds 2 M KY

Listed in the 1860 Bath County, Kentucky census with parents but also is listed as living next door with her children. Bath County Census - 1860: Record #274: George A REYNOLDS/RUNNELLS (f) 33, Ky, farmer; William, 13/15; Harry, 13; Rane/Renni, 11; James/Jonas, 8; Marshal, 6

Bath County Census - 1860: Record #986: George Ann REYNOLDS 33, Ky; William, 14; Mary, 12; Rane, 10; Jonas, 8; Marshall, 5

11-9-2000 Hi Karen,

             This is fun stuff.  In the 1880 Bath county census the following is listed

Reynolds, Georgeann white female age 53 keeping house Reynolds, Jonas white male age 31 son laborer Reynolds, Stephen white male age 25 son laborer Reynolds, Matlie white female age 20 daughter in law Reynolds, Mary white female age 33 daughter at home

Her son Jonas was named after her father Jonas Warner. Why the family changed the name from Runnells to Reynolds is thought to have been caused by one son called Renny but he would have been to young to have caused the change. Maybe he was the one that got them to go back to Runnells. Some kept the Reynolds name but eventually some of them went back to Runnells. If she did marry Stewart which she could have, it wouldn't surprise me if she took her old name back if they were married and then got divorced. Don't you just love it. Maybe she married after the 1870 census and dies after the 1880 with her first married name leaving no true record of what happened. Have you had any luck finding the marraige certificate or marraige return? With luck that might have her maiden name on it.

Yours Truly, Darrell Warner

Karen & Bernie Thompson wrote:


           I contacted you once before about a marriage between George Ann Runnells and Stewart Vanlandingham in Fleming Co., KY on 10 Sep 1872.  You said then that you knew nothing about this marriage to your Georgia Ann Warner Runnells and doubted that it happened as she is buried in the Warner graveyard next to her first (and perhaps only) husband Thomas J. Runnells.  Since that contact with you I have visited Fleming Co., KY and found a divorce record in which Stewart Vanlandingham filed a petition on 15 Jan 1874 against George Ann Vanlandingham in which it states:
  "Plaintiff, Stewart Vanlandingham, states that on the _____ day of September 1872, he was lawfully intermarried unto the defendant, George Ann Vanlandingham (late George Ann Reynolds) in the County of Fleming and State of Kentucky.
  "That from the date of their said marriage, plaintiff and the defendant took up their residence in Said County and State, and lived together as husband and wife until the ____ day of 1872, when the defendant abandoned the plaintiff, and has ever since been living (in the County of Fleming) seperately [sic] and apart from him.
  "That during the time that she lived with him, plaintiff did all in his power to support and take care of defendant, and in all respects endeavored So far as was in his power, to faithfully discharge all his duties, and to live happily with her as a true and faithful husband.
  "But he states and so charges that notwithstanding his efforts to thus live happily with the defendant, and to at all times deport himself towards her as a kind and affectionate husband should do, that the defendant unjustly, and without good and sufficient cause, abandoned the plaintiff at the date aforesaid, and has refused, and still refuses to return, and take up her residence, or to live with him as his wife; and has ever since said abandonment refused to return or to live with plaintiff, and has thus continued to live separately and apart from him

for more than one year next prior to the institution of this suit. Plaintiff further states that he has been a resident of Fleming County Ky. for more than one year next before the bringing of this suit. Alledges [sic] that he has been a continuous resident of said county & state for the past ___ years.

  "Wherefore plaintiff prays for a judgment of divorce for the deft. And that he be fully restored to all the rights and priviledges [sic] of an unmarried man & for all proper & equitable relief.

Thos. L. Given Atty. for Ptiff."

The suit was Discontinued Feb 1874.

I still believe that this is the same Georgia Ann Runnells buried in the Warner graveyard next to her 1st husband Thomas J. Runnells. You said that she was listed in the 1880 Fleming Co. census. Do you have that census record and would you send me a copy or transcription of it? I would appreciate your input and/or opinion. I am sending this in RTF and hopefully you will be able to see it as it has been sent.

Karen A. Thompson

Subject: RE: Georgia Ann Warner Runnells Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 17:43:31 -0500 From: "Karen & Bernie Thompson" <> To: "Darrell Warner" <>

Thanks Darrell,

                       I have the marriage record for Stewart Vanlandingham & George Ann Runnells.  They were married in Fleming County on 10 Sept 1872 at the

house of George Ann Runnells in the presence of Charles Spurlock and Milly Spurlock by Wm. Rogers. In the marriage bond record the only name given is George Ann Runnells (there are various spellings throughout the entire record). Her age is 44 years, born in Bath Co., KY and this is her second marriage. Do you know whether or not there was a George Ann with the maiden name Runnells? In no place throughout the record is a "maiden" name asked for. Besides Stewart Vanlandingham as principal, George W. Naylor is listed as surety on the bond.

Did you notice that Stewart's divorce suit was discontinued? I'm not sure there was ever a divorce and nothing in the divorce record gives any reason why the suit was discontinued. I have my theories. He had a son Richard O. in 1 March 1873 with Mary Ellen Johnson followed by another child, a daughter Sarah E. Johnson with Nancy E. Johnson. She was not listed as illegitimate but she has the same last name as the mother. He has several other children with Mary Ellen Johnson. I cannot find another marriage record for him until 12 Aug 1886 in Bath Co., KY with Susan Teal. Unless Stewart & Mary Ellen were married in Rowan Co., KY and that courthouse burned in 1880 so I don't know if a record could exist there. Maybe he did not marry again until after George Ann died since the divorce was "discontinued". Perhaps they found there was no grounds for him to sue her since it seems he was the one who violated the marriage. And you're right, we'll probably never know.

I do know that a George Ann Naylor existed. And that she was married to a John Vannatten on 6 March 1856 in Fleming Co., KY by D. W. Barksdale. But her age in the 1850 Fleming Co. census was 9 years old. She was living in the home of John & Mary Keithley. Her age in 1872 would have been about 31. I can't figure out a scenario as to how she would have been listed as "Runnells" in the marriage record with Stewart and the age is way off.


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