Person:George Moyer (12)

George Moyer
b.1674 Germany
d.21 OCT 1756 Poss. Virginia
Facts and Events
Name George Moyer
Alt Name Hans George Mayer
Gender Male
Birth? 1674 Germany
Marriage ABT 1707 Grossachsenheim, Wurttemberg, Germanyto Barbara Unknown
Death? 21 OCT 1756 Poss. Virginia

George Moyer was one of the early settlers of the Germanna Colony.

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George Moyer, Germanna Colony Settler

George Moyer and his family were in the second Germanna Colony migration in 1717:

  • Georg Mayer (Moyer), 43, Barbara, Christopher, 9, Johann Melchior (Michael), 8, Maria Susanna, 6, Catharina Barbara, 3

Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • George Moyer was granted a pattent "which is 198 acres... granted to George Moyer 28 Sept. 1728... large run side called the dry run", as listed in the disposition below:
  • Pages 373-76. 8-11 July 1739. William Eddins of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, planter, to George Mauyer of same, planter. Lease and release; for £24 current money. 100 acres on White Oak Run in the fork of the Roberson River, being part of a tract granted to Wm. Eddins... Haws line... to a little run... Eddins' line by the run side... Mauyer's line to Thos. Veland's corner... Haws line...
(signed) William Eddins.
Wit: Robert Green, Thos. Chester, John Newport.
23 9ber [Nov.]. 1739. Acknowledged by William Eddins. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 24].
  • Pg. 187-190. Indenture 5 July 1744 between William Eddins of Orange County and George Moyer of same... for 96 acres.. deeds of lease and release.. payment of £30.. land on Widow Rouse's line....
(signed) William (X) Eddins (Seal)
Witnesses: G. Hume, Silas Hart, Thomas Dillard.
Recorded Orange County 6 July 1744. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 9, Dorman, pg. 21].

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 356-58. 24 March 1740 [1741]. George Moyer of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, to Christopher Moyer, son of George Moyer. For natural love and affection. 300 acres in St. Mark's Parish on the north side of the Robinson River in the great fork... to be laid out in the most convenientest form, least prejudicial to the 300 acres or the remainder that is left in the pattent which is 198 acres... granted to George Moyer 28 Sept. 1728... large run side called the dry run... (signed) George (X) Moyer. Wit: William Henderson. 26 March 1741. Acknowledged by George Moyer. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 4, Dorman, pg. 58].
  • Pg. 294-295. Indenture 9 Jan. 1745 between George Moyer of Orange County and Peter Weaver of same.. deeds of lease and release.. for thirty pounds.. sells 189 acres, part of Pattent granted to George Moyer for 489 acres 8 Sept. 1728.. Deep Run.. (signed) George (X) Moyer. Witnesses: G. Home, George Utz, George Clore. Recorded Orange County, 24 April 1746. [Orange County Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 58].

Records of George Moyer

Grand Jury presentments:
George Moyer on the first Friday of October last at the German Chappel insulted and abused Michael Cook and divers other persons there assembled together for celebration of divine worship.
Summons to George Moyer returned 9 Dec. 1735 by Wm. Henderson. [Orange County Virginia Judgements, 1736, Dorman, pg. 71].