Person:George Goodwin (17)

George Goodwin
b.Abt 1743 Franklin Co, NC
Facts and Events
Name[1] George Goodwin
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1743 Franklin Co, NC
Marriage 1768 NCto Rebecca Robinson
Death? 1821 Wilkes Co, GA

(Research):According to Ron Goodwin there is no documentation of Georgeas the son of Theophilus but logic dictates. Ron Goodman: George Goodwin purchased land in the same areas as Theophilus and witnessed deeds with Theophilus and alsolived near Shocco Creek at the same time asTheophilus. In the inventory of Henry Goodwin's estate there was a note concerning a debt owed to Henry Goodwin by George Goodwin. Author: Indicates that George was probably another son of Theophilus and Elizabeth. Data for this individual compiled by William T. Beauregard,

  1. Ron Goodwin. Theophilus: Southern Goodwins

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