Person:John Goodwin (38)

John Goodwin
m. 1727
  1. Thomas Goodwin1728 - Abt 1777
  2. John Goodwin1729 - 1822
  3. Theophilus Goodwin1730 - 1791
  4. Henry Goodwin1737 - 1765
  5. Mark GoodwinAbt 1740 - 1793
  6. George GoodwinAbt 1743 - 1821
  7. Peter Goodwin1746 - 1798
  8. Amy Goodwin1751 - 1834
m. Abt 1753
  1. Anna Goodwin1754 - 1828
  2. Sampson Goodwin1756 - 1805
  3. Elizabeth Goodwin1758 -
  4. Sally Goodwin1765 - Abt 1835
  5. Polly Goodwin1767 - 1823
  6. Delila Goodwin1770 - 1836
  7. Cassandra Goodwin1773 -
m. Jan 1795
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Goodwin
Gender Male
Birth[2] 1729 Surry Co, VA
Marriage Abt 1753 Surry, Virginia, United Statesto Elizabeth Jackson
Marriage Jan 1795 Union Co, SCto Christiana Collyer Plummer
Death[2] 1822 Union Co, SC
Other[2] NCEmployment

Planter Data for this individual compiled by William T. Beauregard, John Goodwin was born in Surry County, VA ca 1728-29. He married Elizabeth-last name unknown at the present. There is a strong possibility that Elizabeth was the daughter of Ambrose and Amy Wyche Jackson who resided in the Sandy, Shocco, and Conway Creek area of North Carolina close to the time of John and Elizabeth's marriage ca 1750. Amy Wyche Jackson, daughter of James Wyche, was the first cousin of Elizabeth Wyche Goodwin, John Goodwin's mother. The Jacksons moved to the Ninety-Six district of South Carolina in the late 1740s. John and Elizabeth Goodwin moved their family to the same area ca 1772. John Goodwin and Elizabeth had one boy and five girls in North Carolina before their migration to South Carolina. They settled in the Fairforest, Buffalo Creekarea of Ninety-Six District, which in 1785 became Union County, SC. Their children in approximate order of birth were: Sampson (1756), Anna (1758), Elizabeth (1760), Sally (1763), Polly (1767), Delila (1771)and Cassandra, born in South Carolina ca 1773. Anna married James Woodson ca 1775; Elizabeth married Robert Woodson ca 1774; Polly married Thomas Woodson ca1794; Delila married the same Thomas Woodson in the early 1820s; Sampson married Nancy Palmer ca 1784; and Cassandra married Thomas Hays ca 1800. Cassandra (Cassie) and Thomas Hays, along with their daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Amos Little (son of Jonas Little), migrated to Butler County, Alabama, ca 1820-25. Many Woodson descendants migrated to and settled on lands in TN. Sampson Goodwin remained on his father's original land and died therein 1805 leaving a relatively young family. Sampson named a son Wyche, either after his grandmother on the Goodwin side or possibly after his grandmother on the Jackson side, or possibly both. Sampson also named a daughter, Sandal, a common female namein the Jackson family. Sampson's land was eventually sold by his grandson, Wiley Goodwin, son of Wyche, in 1910. After the death of his wife, Elizabeth, John Goodwin married Christiana Collyer Plummer in 1795. She was the widow of William Plummer. JohnGoodwin died in Union County, SC in late 1823 or early 1824.

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