Person:George Gibson (10)

George Washington Gibson
m. 16 Oct 1782
  1. Mary Ann GIBSON1793 -
  2. George Washington Gibson1800 - 1871
  3. Robert GIBSONAbt 1802 - 1860
m. 15 Mar 1822
  1. Manomas Lavina GIBSON1842 - Aft 1936
m. 15 Mar 1856
  1. Anne Elizabeth Gibson1858 - 1891
  2. George ANDREW GIBSON1861 - 1952
  3. Sarah Jane GIBSON1863 - 1936
  4. Mary Ardilca GIBSON1865 - 1946
  5. Joshua Newman GIBSON1868 - 1878
  6. James William GIBSON1870 - 1947
Facts and Events
Name George Washington Gibson
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Jun 1800 , Union, South Carolina
Marriage 15 Mar 1822 , Union, South Carolinato Mary Ann SPARKS
Marriage 15 Mar 1856 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utahto Anne Elizabeth Newman
Death? 17 Aug 1871 Duncan's Retreat, Washington, UT
Burial? Aug 1871 Grafton, Washington, UT

!Baptism also performed by proxy on 15 March 1965. !Duncan's Retreat is not listed on current maps, nor by ATT for telephone

listings (1996).  The town could have also been located in Kane County, UT.

!Histories of Joseph Newman and Elizabeth Hughes Newman, published June 4,

1973, by Margaret Ann Newman Wells, granddaughter of Joseph Newman and
Elizabeth Hughes Newman, and daughter of Thomas Samuel Newman.

!Additional generations past Robert Gibson verified from the records of Mr.

Mark J. Hadley, 886 Douglas Dr., Brigham City, UT 84302 (telephone conversation
with Kimber Norton Blatter 8/94).
Sources:  Traveled through South Carolina on a genealogical research trip in
  5/92.  Came across a book in a library in a small town in South Carolina that
  verified many of the people in our pedigree.  Met a professional genealogist
  in South Carolina named Miss Connie Andrea, who has researched this family.
  Notes from his meeting with her follow:
  - "G.W. Gibson, who we believe to have had a brother, Robert."
  - "Mary Ann and George W. Gibson left Union County, circa 1843 and went to
    Chickasaw, Monroe County, Mississippi."
                              -- The Andrea Collection
                                 Carolina Library
                                 The University of South Carolina
                                 Columbia, South Carolina
    (Miss Connie Andrea: 4204 Devine Street, Columbia, South Carolina 29204)

!A Gibson Family Organization exists. Some information obtained from this

source.  They have a family reunion every few years in Grafton, Utah.  Mr.
Hadley has attended several times.