Person:George Gardner (4)

George Gardner
b.abt 1616 to 1620 England
m. 1616
  1. Lieutenant Thomas GardnerAbt 1614 - Bef 1682
  2. George Gardnerabt 1616 - 1679
  3. Richard Gardner1621/22 - 1688
  4. John Gardner1624/5 - 1706
  5. Sarah Gardner1627 -
  6. Samuel GardnerAbt 1629 - Bef 1689
  7. Captain Joseph Gardner1629 - 1675
  8. Sarah Gardner1630 - 1686
  9. Miriam Gardner1632 - 1664
  10. Ruth Gardner1635 - 1707
  11. Seeth Gardner1636 - 1707
m. bef 1644
  1. Hannah Gardner1644 - 1681
  2. Captain Samuel Gardner1648 - bef 1724
  3. Mary Gardner1653 -
m. By 1654
  1. Ruth Gardnerabt 1655 -
m. Aft 1663
Facts and Events
Name George Gardner
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1616 to 1620 England
Marriage bef 1644 Estimate based on date of birth of eldest known child.
to Hannah Unknown
Marriage By 1654 to Elizabeth Freestone
Marriage Aft 1663 to Elizabeth Allen
Will[4] 21 Jul 1679 Witness: Thomas Gardner, Samuell Gardner, sr., Joseph Williams.
Death[2] 20 Aug 1679 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Residence? Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[4] 1 Sep 1679 Will proved by two the witnesses
Probate[4] 17 Oct 1679 Inventory taken by John Brown and John Higgenson, Jr.


A careful analysis of the marriages of George Gardner was conducted by George McCracken (TAG 30:155-168). His conclusions, which are followed by Anderson, are: "George Gardner married first, Hannah __, mother of Hannah, Samuel, and Mary; second, Elizabeth Freestone, widow of Robert Turner [the shoe maker, not the vintner], mother of six Turner children (only three survived to marry) and of five Gardner children; and third, Elizabeth Allen, widow of the Rev. Samuel Stone, mother of two surviving Stone children, but not mother of any of the Gardner children."

Will & Probate

In the 1679 will of George Gardner, among those named are: S4

  • Immediate family: "my beloued wife Elizabeth Gardner"; "my sonn Samuell Gardner"; son Ebenezer; "my daughter Buttolph"; my son[in-law] Buttolph"; "my daughter Turner"; my daughter Hathorne";
  • siblings & cousins: "my Brother Thomas Gardner"; "my two Cozens, mirriam Hascall & Susana Hill," "my sister Grafton"; "two loueing brothers, Thomas & Samuell Gardner"

His holdings included land in Salem, Mass, as well as, Hartford CT. He appointed "my loueing friend Capt: John Allen, to ouersee the pformance of this my will, whoe liueth at Hartford," "my freind caleb Stanley to ouersee the pformance of this my will, whoe liueth at conetticott"; and "my two loueing brothers, Thomas & Samuell Gardner, to oversee the pformance of my will at Salem"

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    ii GEORGE, b. say 1616 (adult when "bretherin" Thomas and George Gardiner were given ten acres in Salem 8 November 1637 [ STR 1:59]); made free 27 December 1642 [EQC 1:48]); m. (1) by 1644 Hannah _____; m. (2) by 1654 Elizabeth (Freestone) Turner, bp. Horncastle, Lincolnshire, 17 October 1619, daughter of Richard and Margery (Freestone) Freestone, and widow of Robert Turner, shoemaker, of Boston; m. (3) after 1663 (inventory of her previous husband [ Manwaring 1:242]) Elizabeth (Allen) Stone, widow of Rev. SAMUEL STONE . (For the identity of these three wives we follow the work of George E. McCracken [TAG 30:158-66].)

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    GEORGE, Salem 1637, s. of first Thomas, b. in Eng. freem. 27 Dec. 1642, had ch. by w. Elizabeth bapt. there Hannah, 5 Dec. 1644; Samuel, 14 May 1648; Mary, 10 July 1653; Bethia, b. 3 June 1654; Ebenezer, b. 16 Aug. 1657; and Ruth, both bapt. 2 Apr. 1665 (in 1658 his w. was indict. for favoring quakers, and was, perhaps, d. bef. the bapt. of these two); and Mehitable b. 23 Apr. 1659, d. next mo. unbapt. beside George, wh. d. 21 Aug. 1662; rem. to Hartford, m. Elizabeth wid. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and d. 20 Aug. 1679. His will of 21 July preced. gave large prop. to s. Samuel, and Ebenezer, ds. Hannah, w. of John Buttolph; Mary, w. of Turner, and Ruth, w. of Hathorne, and names br. s. Thomas, and Samuel G. and sis. Grafton.

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