Person:Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (1)

Geoffrey V "the Fair" _____, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy
b.24 Aug 1113 Anjou, France
m. 11 Jul 1110
  1. Matilda of Anjou, Countess of FlandersAbt 1101 & 1107 - 1154
  2. Helias d'Anjou, Comte du MaineAbt 1111 - 1151
  3. Sibylle d'Anjou1112 - 1165
  4. Geoffrey V "the Fair" _____, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy1113 - 1151
  5. Walter de Cantilupe1120 -
m. 17 Jun 1128
  1. Henry II _____, King of England1133 - 1189
  2. Geoffrey VI _____, Count of Anjou1134 - 1158
  3. William FitzEmpress1136 - 1164
  • HGeoffrey V "the Fair" _____, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy1113 - 1151
  1. Mary PlantagenetEst 1135 - 1216
  2. Emme d'AnjouEst 1150 -
  1. Hamelin of Anjou1129 - 1202
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] Geoffrey V "the Fair" _____, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy
Gender Male
Birth[1][4][10] 24 Aug 1113 Anjou, FranceHouse of Plantagenet
Alt Birth? 24 Nov 1113 Anjou, France
Marriage 17 Jun 1128 Le Mans, Anjou, FranceLe Mans Cathedral
to Empress Matilda _____, of England, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire
Marriage Cohabitation?
to Unknown
Marriage to Adelaide _____, of Angers
Death[1][4][10] 7 Sep 1151 Château-du-Loir, Anjou, France
Burial? Le Mans, Maine, FranceLe Mans Cathedral
Reference Number? Q111490?


He was born Geoffroi of Anjou, and was known as Geoffrey the Fair (Geoffroi le Bel) or Geoffroi Plantagenêt. Plantagenêt was not used as the family name until the fifteenth century.


Geoffrey became Count of Maine when his mother died in 1126 and became Count of Anjou in 1129 when his father abdicated to become King of Jerusalem. He took the title of Count of Mortain from King Sephen in 1141. He also claimed to be Duke of Normandy by right of his wife, but only gained the title by conquest in 1144. He and his wife ceded the duchy to his son, Henry FitzEmpress, in 1150.

  • 1126-1151 1st Angevin Count of Maine
  • 1129-1151 7th Angevin Count of Anjou
  • 1141-1151 1st Angevin Count of Mortain
  • 1144-1150 1st Angevin Duke of Normandy


He was named Plantagenet for the little yellow flower that he wore on his helmet. He was the count of Anjou. He went swimming in the fall and caught a chill. By evening he was running a temperature. He died shortly thereafter. Father Fulk V. Mother Ermentrude, daughter of Count Helias of Maine.

While Matilda contended for the regency in England, Geoffrey undertook to conquer Normandy, which he claimed through his wife. He succeeded in 1144. In 1150 he and Matilda ceded Normandy to their son Henry (later Henry II of England), who founded the English Angevin dynasty.

Plantagenet, Geoffrey V the Fair, Count of Anjou and Maine

Born: 24 AUG 1113 Acceded: 1129 Died: 7 SEP 1151, Château-du-Loir, France Interred: St. Julian's Church, Le Mans, Anjou Notes: Burke says the marriage was 3 Apr 1127. The name Plantagenet, according to Rapin, came from when Fulk the Great being stung from remorse for some wicked action, in order to atone for it, went a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and was scourged before the Holy Sepulchre with broom twigs. Earlier authorities say it was because Geoffrey bore a branch of yellow broom (Planta-genistae) in his helm. Duke of Normandy 1144-1150.

Father: , Fulk V the younger of Anjou, Count of Anjou

Mother: Maine, Ermengard of Child 1: Plantagenet, Emma Child 2: , Mary of Shaftesbury, Abbess of Shaftesbury

Married 22 MAY 1128, Le Mans Cathedral, Anjou to , Matilda the Empress, Queen of England

Child 3: FitzEmpress, Henry II Curtmantle, King of England, b. 25 MAR 1133 Child 4: , Geoffrey VI of Anjou, Count of Nantes & Anjou, b. 1 JUN 1134 Child 5: , William, Count of Poitou, b. 1136

Associated with , Adelaide of Angers

Child 6: de Warenne, Hamelin of Anjou Plantagenet, Earl of Surrey 5, b. ABT 1129

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    Geoffrey V (24 August 1113 – 7 September 1151)—called the Handsome or the Fair and Plantagenet—was the Count of Anjou, Touraine, and Maine by inheritance from 1129 and then Duke of Normandy by conquest from 1144. By his marriage to the Empress Matilda, daughter and heiress of Henry I of England, Geoffrey had a son, Henry Curtmantle, who succeeded to the English throne as King Henry II (1154–1189) and was the first of the Plantagenet dynasty to rule England; the name "Plantagenet" was taken from Geoffrey's epithet. His ancestral domain of Anjou gave rise to the name Angevin for three kings of England (Henry II his son and heir, and Henry's sons Richard and John), and what became known as the Angevin Empire in the 12th century.

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