Person:Geoffrey Scrope (2)

Geoffrey le Scrope
d.1362 Lithuania
m. Abt 1336
  1. Joan ScropeAbt 1336 - 1386
  2. Isabella Scrope1337 - Bef 1399
  3. Geoffrey le ScropeAbt 1342 - 1362
  4. Stephen Scrope, 2nd Baron Scrope of MashamEst 1345 - 1406
  5. Henry ScropeAbt 1345 -
  6. Sir John ScropeAbt 1348 - 1405
  7. William ScropeAbt 1349 - 1399
  8. Richard ScropeAbt 1350 - 1405
  9. Jane Le Scrope
Facts and Events
Name[1] Geoffrey le Scrope
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1342 Yorkshire, England
Marriage to Eleanor de Neville
Death[1] 1362 Lithuaniakilled in battle at the siege of Piskre Castle
Burial? Konigsberg, Ostpreussen, Preussen, GermanyDomkirche
Alt Burial[1] Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad, Severo-zapadny, RussiaKönigsberg Cathedral

Sir Geoffrey Scrope, the eldest, has been hitherto considered the second son of Henry Lord Scrope, but the error is manifest from the notices of him by the Deponents in 1386. He was apparently born about 1342, and having accompanied the army under John Duke of Lancaster into Brittany in the autumn of 1356, he served at the siege of Rennes from December in that year to July 1357. In November 1359 he was in the expedition made into France by Edward the Third; and when the English approached Paris in May, following Scrope was in the retinue of the Duke of Lancaster. It seems from the Deposition of Thomas Hornby Esquire who was present at the ceremony that he was knighted whilst the army were before the French capital in April 1360.

The peace of Chartres in May, following blighted the ambitious prospects of the young English warriors, who, stimulated by the recollection of Cressy and Poictiers, anticipated a rich harvest of laurels in France. Several Knights were therefore induced to seek them in other fields, and Sir Geoffrey Scrope, with many of his countrymen, went to Prussia, with the intention of serving against the Infidels of Lithuania. They proceeded into that country in 1362, when siege was laid to the Castle of Piskre and Sir Geoffrey Scrope fell during the assault of that fortress. His body being brought back into Prussia was buried in the cathedral of Königsberg, and John Ryther, Esq., who was his comrade on the occasion, as well as Sir Thomas Boynton, attended his funeral.(...)

Sir Geoffrey Scrope is said to have married Eleanor, daughter of Ralph Lord Neville by Alice, daughter of Hugh Lord Audley, but had no issue; and after his death she took the veil in and became Abbess of the Minories of London. He used the same distinction in his Arms as his father had done in the lifetime of his grandfather, namely, a label gobonné Argent and Gules.

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