Person:Fred Addison (3)

Fred Omar Addison
b.22 May 1909 Waldron, Arkansas
m. 26 JAN 1892
  1. Lyda Ruth Addison1893 - 1988
  2. Emmet Cravens Addison1896 - 1980
  3. L. C. Addison1899 - 1972
  4. Grady Addison1902 - 1985
  5. Fred Omar Addison1909 - 2001
m. 1 June 1932
  1. Dr. Freda Grace Addison1933 - 2011
Facts and Events
Name Fred Omar Addison
Gender Male
Birth? 22 May 1909 Waldron, Arkansas
Marriage 1 June 1932 Heavener, Le Flore, Oklahoma, United Statesto Grace Adelle Fields
Divorce Y
from Grace Adelle Fields
Death? 9 Feb 2001 Heavener, Le Flore, Oklahoma, United States
Soc Sec No[1] Arizona527-03-6366
Other? Nickname Available

Fred's house at 602 East Avenue H in Heavner, Oklahoma was destroyed in an explosion in 1996. Fred was setting in the Kitchen at the time. He was hurt only slightly. Children from the high school track ran across the road and helped to pull him out of the rubble. Fred found a harmonica in the ruins and entertained the firemen and news people. The story ran on at least one national news show.

Wrote a column in the Heavener Ledger called 'Available's Add' for many years.

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  1. Issued in Arizona
  2.   The Wilson-Johnston store, a hardware and furniture business where regular customers came to drink coffee and hash over politics, will meet the auctioneer Saturday.

    Lumber, forklifts and other merchandise at the 42-year-old store will go up for sale. The building itself eventually will be sold or rented.

    "I took a notion that I was getting tired of the hassle," said owner Charlie Wilson, 79. "There comes a time when you just have to quit." The World War II veteran said he and Pat Johnston teamed up to start the store because they wanted to wanted to sell paint and televisions