Person:Francis Weston (1)

Francis Weston
Facts and Events
Name Francis Weston
Gender Male
Emigration[2] Rhode IslandWith Roger Williams
Residence[1] Nov 1633 Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
  1. List of Salem Freemen.
  2. Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 4:490.

    FRANCIS, Salem, freem. 5 Nov. 1633, a friend of Roger Williams; but whether he came with him, or when, or whence he came, is unkn. nor have we the date of this join. the ch. He was rep. at the first Gen. Ct. that was attend. by dep. but was unfortunate in his w. wh. was punish. by the bilboes, tho. her offence was, as Felt presum. Eccles. Ann. I. 341, "of a religious character," and he fell into the impractica. notions as to the duty of separat. of chhs. and went to Providence with Williams, there was one of the founders of his ch. but in few yrs. disagreed with him, and symboliz. with Gorton, Wicks, Holden, and others, rem. with them to ld. a little down the Bay, purchas. from the Ind. now Warwick, was denounc. by the authority of Mass. seiz. and brot. prison. to Boston, by Ct. sentenc. Nov. 1643, as in Rec. II. 52, to be kept at labor in Dorchester, with suffic. irons to prevent escape; and liberat. at last, thro. fear of his influence over his keeper's relig. sentiments, wh. under threat of death he was prohibit. from attempt. to pervert, d. bef. June 1645, leav. no issue.

Founders of Providence, Rhode Island
Roger Williams was exiled from Massachusetts Bay in June 1636 for his religious beliefs. He settled the area now known as Providence with a few others, and two years in 1638 purchased it from the Narragansett. He then deeded 12/13 of it to twelve other religious dissenters known as the "Original Proprietors." There also exists in City Hall in Providence a manuscript that purports to show the lands of the first settlers, as originally allotted. It is undated, but appears to have been created before about 1650.
First Comers with Williams: William Arnold, John Smith, William Harris, Francis Wickes, and possibly Joshua Verin and Thomas Angell
Original Proprietors: Stukely Westcott, William Arnold, William Carpenter, John Greene, Thomas James, Robert Cole, William Harris, Thomas Olney, John Throckmorton, Francis Weston, Richard Waterman and Ezekiel Holliman.
Other early landowners (from south to north): Robert Williams - Christopher Unthank - William Hawkins - Robert West - Hugh Bewitt - John Lippitt - Matthew Weston - Edward Hart - Thomas Hopkins - Widow Sayer - Widow Tiler - Nicholas Power - William Wickenden - William Man - William Burrow - Adam Goodwin - Thomas Harris - Joshua Winsor - John Field - William Field - Richard Scott - George Rickard - John Warner - Chad Brown - Daniel Abbott - William Reynods - John Sweet - Alice Daniels - Widow Reeve - Benedict Arnold - John Greene Jr. - Edward Manton - Thomas Painter - Matthew Waller - Gregory Dexter
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Current Location: Newport County, Rhode Island   Parent Towns: Boston   Daughter Towns: Newport