Person:Francis Jackson (22)

Facts and Events
Name Francis Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[2] Aug 1757 Amelia, Virginia, United States
Residence[1] 1785-1787 Amelia, Virginia United States
Marriage 1787 Virginiato Martha Madera
Residence[1] 3 Sep 1832 Woodford, Kentucky, United States
Death[4] abt 1836 Woodford, Kentucky, United States

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January 1785
John Tabb, assignee of Charles Craddock, P vs. Francis Jackson and John Chambley, D} On a writ of scire facias – November 1785
Joshua Smithey, P vs. Francis Jackson & William Ford, his security, D} Replevin Bond -Same as before except 4773 pounds of inspected crop tobacco and £2.4.4 with lawful interest on the same from 22 June 1785 to the time of payment, and costs. Ordered that John Townes, Sr., John Townes, Jr., Stephen Cocke, and Francis Jackson, or any three of them to view a way for a road from Sheriff Peter Jones’ house to Cocke’s Mill, and also to view a way for a road from the same place to Edward Wilkinson’s, and report to the court the conveniency and inconveniency thereof.
May 1786
William Farrar, P vs. Francis Jackson, D} In Chancery -By agreement of the parties, this cause is set down for hearing the first day of the next succeeding Quarterly Session. John Tabb, assignee of Charles Craddock, P vs. Francis Jackson & John Chambley, D} On a Writ of scire facias – This suit is dismissed, and P to pay Ds' costs.
June 1786
On the petition of Francis Jackson, assignee of Micajah Madderra, against Stephen Johnson for £2.10.0 current money, the D failed to appear though solemnly called. Court rules for the petitioner for this amount, and interest from 25 December 1783, and his costs.
August 1786
William Farrar, P vs. Francis Jackson, D} In Chancery -(large blank space left, as if something was meant to be filled in later)
October 1786
An indenture between Conradus Piles and William Jackson of the one part and Jacob Roberts of the other was proved by the oaths of John Boothe, Francis Jackson, and John C. Jackson, the witnesses thereto, and is recorded.
January 1787
On the motion of Benjamin Overton, an injunction is granted him to stay the proceedings of a judgment at law, obtained by Richards and Coleman against him and Francis Jackson in this Court, until the matter shall be heard in the said Court in Equity, upon a bill this day filed by the said Benjamin. Francis Jackson, assignee of Micajah Maderrah, P vs. Stephen Johnson & William Mayes Sr., D} Motion on a Replevin Bond -The same as before against William Mayes only, for a debt of £2.17.2, with lawful interest thereon from 20 August 1786 to the time of payment, and his costs. Joshua Atkinson is appointed surveyor of the road leading from Flatt Creek into the road near George Scott’s, and the male laboring tithables of Francis Jackson, John Foster, Elijah Parmer, Sarah Friends, and Francis Anderson (are ordered to) work on the said road under Joshua Atkinson, and keep the same in repair.
May 1787
Ordered that Abraham Lockett pay unto Francis Jackson 575 lb of gross tobacco for 23 days attendance as a witness for him against Chumbley.
June 1787
An indenture between Francis Jackson of the one part and Francis Anderson of the other was acknowledged by the said Francis Jackson, a party thereto, and is recorded.

This is the last entry for Francis Jackson. The order book continues until March of 1788. It appears that Francis left Amelia in early 1787.

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Name: Martha Maddera
Gender: Female
Spouse Name: Francis Jackson
Spouse Birth Year: 1757
Marriage Year: 1778
Marriage State: VA
Number Pages: 2

Notes from the book "Forks of Elkhorn Church":
Page 23 lists Francis Jackson as one of several men who purchased (in 1794) for five shillings "a certain lot of land containing one acre, whereon the meeting house now stands, known by the name of Mongomer Meeting house." As Samuel Montgomery sold the property, the word Montgomer may have been a typing error. On the other hand, on the previous page, the church was originally named Mount Gomer Baptist church (organized July 24, 1790). "In 1801 the name was changed to 'Mount Pleasant,' and under this name it continued to bless the community until sometime within the present decade."

Francis is listed as a Revolutionary Soldier receiving a pension in Woodford County.
"JACKSON, Francis Pvt. VA line; 10 Dec 1832; $60; age 77."
AGE 77

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