Person:Francis Herlihy (1)

m. 1898
  1. Francis William Herlihy1900 - 1982
m. 14 Jul 1929
  1. Robert Drake Herlihy1937 - 1997
Facts and Events
Name[9] Francis William Herlihy
Alt Name Frank, Bill, Little Bill _____
Alt Name[1] Francis Herlihy
Alt Name "Duke" Herlihy
Alt Name Frank Herlihy
Gender Male
Birth[2] 3 Sep 1900 Manhattan, New York, United States2093 Third Ave.,
Alt Birth[5] 3 Sep 1900 Manhattan, NY
Residence[4] 3 Sep 1900 2093 Third Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Residence[4] Bet 1900 and Jun 1908 Manhattan, NY
Education? Bet 1905 and 1914 Educated in Catholic schools, was an altar boy
Residence[4] Jun 1908 Brooke Ave., Bronx, NYC, NY
Residence[4] Bet Jun 1908 and Jan 1910 Whitestone, Queens, NY
Residence[4] Bet Jan 1910 and 14 Jul 1929 Ft. Totten, LI, Queens, NY
Education? Bet 1915 and 1919 St. Agnes Academy, College Pt., NY
Occupation[6] Bet Feb 1919 and Mar 1920 Ft. Totten, NYClerk-Typist, Finance Office
Occupation[6] Bet Apr 1920 and May 1920 (BET APR AND MAY 1920) Clerk, Guaranty Trust Co., 140 Broadway, NYC, NY
Occupation[6] Bet May 1920 and Aug 1920 (BET MAY AND AUG 1920) Accounting Clerk, Packard Motor Car Co., Broadway & 61st St., NYC,
Occupation[6] Bet Aug 1920 and Dec 1921 Clerk, Ranier Motor Corp., Flushing, NY
Occupation[6] Bet Dec 1921 and Apr 1922 Clerk, Houpert Machine Co., 44th Ave., Long Island City, NY
Occupation[6] Bet May 1922 and Oct 1922 (BET MAY AND OCT 1922) Clerk at the Quartermaster, Ft. Totten, NY
Occupation[6] Bet Nov 1922 and Jan 1950 Clerk; Senior Storekeeper; Jr. Admin. Asst.;Chief Clerk, Submarine Mine Depot, Ft. Totten, NY until 16 Feb 1931, after which at Ft. Monroe
Education? 1924 CCNY
Education[7] Bet 1924 and 1929 "He went to night school for all of his university years."
Education? Bet 1924 and 1929 NYU
Marriage 14 Jul 1929 Flushing, Queens, New York, United StatesSt. Andrew Abellino R. C. Church
to Agnes Irene Drake
Residence[4] Bet 14 Jul 1929 and Mar 1930 Flushing, Queens, New York City144-25 Third Ave
Other Daughter-in-law: Jay Amberg (1)
with Agnes Irene Drake
Residence[4] Bet Mar 1930 and 16 Feb 1931 Flushing, Queens, New York City34-08 158th St
Residence[4] Bet Mar 1931 and Feb 1933 Webber's Crossing, Elizabeth City Co., Virginia
Residence[8] Bet Feb 1933 and Sep 1935 10 Graham Hts., East Hampton, VA
Residence[4] Bet Sep 1935 and Nov 1939 312 Old Point Ave., Hampton, VA
Residence[8] Bet Nov 1939 and Mar 1950 2220 Park Drive, Hampton, VA
Occupation[6] Bet Mar 1950 and 30 Oct 1963 Finance & Accounting Officer in charge of accts. payable and payroll, White Sands Proving Grounds
Residence[4] Bet Apr 1950 and 1 Aug 1956 Las Cruces, NM1703½ North Alameda Blvd (now 315 Keathley Dr.)
Residence? Bet 1 Aug 1956 and 29 Dec 1982 Las Cruces, NM131 Harvard Dr (Last residence)
Residence[10] 1979 131 Harvard Dr., Las Cruces, N. Mex. 88001
Death[3] 29 Dec 1982 Las Cruces, Doña Ana, New Mexico, United States
Alt Death[5] 29 Dec 1982 Las Cruces, NM
Burial? Las Cruces, Doña Ana, New Mexico, United StatesHillcrest Memorial Garden Cemetery

Bill Herlihy's November 21, 1987 History of Francis William Herlihy, Page 2: Some Asides on the Jobs: Guarantee Trust. Mrs. Ella Curtin, Dad's cousin on his father's side, worked there until Feb. 5, 1920, according to Dad. She recommended him for the job. Dad worked here in April and May 1920. Ella Curtin went back to work for the Bank of Asia, this time in Shanghai, China. Packard Motor Co. made luxury cars; they merged with Studebaker in the 1950s. About mid-1950s, they went out of business. At this Packard dealership one of the customers was Babe Ruth...While working at Packard, Dad met him. Ranier Motor Corp. They bought truck sub-assemblies and manufactured trucks. Dad left because the business was failing. Submarine Mine Depot. Dad's supervisor was Mr. Seymour Reed, who retired early in WW2, and later Mr. Albert J. Timmel, who retired abt. 1946, which is when Dad became Chief Clerk. Mr. Timmel is my godfather. Other people at the SMD were Mr. D. Sloan Murray, Mr. Jancar, Mr. Willie Williams, Mr. J. Fox, and Mrs. Mary Irvin. Col. D. S. Leazner was the CO of the SMD from at least Sept. 1946 until it transferred operations from Army Ordinance to Naval Ordinance in Jan. 1950... Page 3: The SMD developed and tested underwater mines and planted mine fields in the harbors and rivers, to protect against enemy ships or submarines. White Sands Missile Range. Dad was promoted from GS-12 (step 4, $8215 per year) to GS-13 ($8990) on Nov. 24, 1957. In 1963 high blood pressure gave Dad a Disability Retirement. His last day on the job was in 1963, but his sick leave and annual leave kept him on the regular payroll until 10 mos. later in 1964. In 1964 his monthly retirement was $700, and in 1982, $2500, thanks to a cost-of-living index. Dad's supervisor was the Post Comptroller, Mr. Samuel Teidelbaum. He worked more than 41 yrs. for the Federal Civil Service. It qualified him for a retirement check of 80% his base pay. Page 4: On 2 separate occasions I struck up a conversation with men who had worked under Dad at White Sandes. They both transferred to other sections for job promotions; both swore he was the best supervisor they ever had. Nicknames: Frank, Francie (used only rarely by his wife), Bill, Little Bill, Duke Place buried: Hillcrest Memorial Gardens Cemetery, West Hwy 80, Las Cruces, NM He went to night school for all his university years. He went to CC NY in the spring of 1924. He graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Commercial Science degree. He probably had more hrs. in business, accounting, and economics than does today's typical MBA. the grade avg. was "B". While going to NYU, he worked 6 full days/wk at his civil service job.

Frank corresponded with his 1st cousin, Lillian Curtin Kerr for > 50 years.

This lengthy letter writing was what prompted his son, Bill Herlihy, to write to Lillian after Frank's death in Dec 1980.

When she died in Feb 1988, we found Bill's letters and picked up the correspondence in more modern media like telephone and e-mail. Were it not for their original correspondence, which for personal reasons Lillian kept to herself, we would have NO FAMILY HISTORY handed down to us descendants of Ellen Driscoll & Denis HEARLIHEY.--OliviaRevits 14:02, 1 May 2007 (MDT)

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    "Born: September 3, 1900 at 2093 Third Ave., NY"

  3. Obituary
    Las Cruces Sun-News, Friday, Dec. 31, 1982, page ?.

    "Francis W. Herlihy, 82, died at Wednesday at Memorial General Hospital. He was a retired Comptroller at White Sands Missile Range. Cremation has taken place and there will be no services. He is survived by two sons: William Herlihy, of El Paso, and Robert Herlihy, of Las Cruces. Graham's Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements."

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