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Facts and Events
Name Eunice Adaline INMAN
Gender Female
Birth? 12 Dec 1858 Union County, South Carolina
Marriage 24 Nov 1873 Etowah County, Alabamato John Henry NIX
Death? 19 Mar 1894 Etowah County, Alabama (age 35y, 3m, 7d) (Moody's Chapel)Age: 35y, 3m, 7d
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Shown in the Alabama Marriage Records for 1800-1920. Listed as John Nix and Adline Inman, Married 25 Nov 1873.

1880 Census, Alabama, Etowah County, District 86, Township 12S, Range 3E, family # 46 Image #5 <>/ family #46, NIX, John W., M., age 28 Farming Adaline, W., F., age 26, Keeping house William N. W., M., age 5. Son Victoria , W., F., age 4, daughter Miles H. , W., M., age 1, son Sarah E., W., F., age 2/12 daughter

The Inman Compendium. updated Wed July 17 2002

1880 censue, Alabama, Etowah county, Other townhips, Search�>�Census�>�U.S. Census� >�1880 U.S. Federal Census >�Alabama >�Etowah >�Other Townships >�District�68 , residence 46, family 46, line 38,

Nix, John, W, M, 28? farmer

     , Adaline W, F, 26, wife, keeping house
     , William N. W, M, 5, son, 
     , Victoria? W, F, 4, daughter, 
     , Miles H. W,M, 1?, son, 
     , Sarah E., W, F, 2/12?, 

Moody's Chapel Cemetery (Etowah County)

Township 12 South, Range 3 East, Section 15

Location: About a mile inside the Etowah County line on Warrior Valley Road, turn South at the Mt. Pisgah church sign, cemetery is on the right after a quarter mile

Completely surveyed by Robin Sterling 22 Jun 03

Shown as Adline Nix Note spelling omit second "A"

"Tammy Gilliland" <> Hi Dalton, How are things going? Good I hope. I found Ruby Payne's address in my Blount Co. book. Here it is:����

Ruby Payne P.O. Box 646 Columbiana, AL


Thanks for the address. I will write her and see if we can exchange information. I will keep you informed.

Do you know where Adaline Inman's grave is at Moody's Chapel? Judy and me went there yesterday, and we couldn't find her tombstone. Did something happen to it?

No it is still there. I was there only a few weeks ago , maybe March or April of this year, and took several photos, but my camera battery was running low and I did not complete all that I wanted. Also I have temporary lost them on my computer, but that is another story. Walk in under the arch, go about a third of the way straight in, then stop and look to your left, you should see a large, tall stone that looks a bit like a church steeple. You should be looking toward the road, even though you cannot see it from here. The road is down the bank, and behind the trees. Keep looking until you find the tall monument. It is the marker for my g-grandfather Daniel, his two wives's and his unmarried daughter. His marker has aged and cannot be read easily, but you should be able to see it and read it if you carefully study it. The members are listed on all four sides of the steeple. Walk to the steeple, about half way to the trees and the road. Now look to your left and you will be directly behind the church (Mt Pisgah). Look back toward the road, and walk two or three rows toward the road. They are in that general area. Small stone, knee high to waist high. Round top? and the writing is faint. I think her name is spelled without the second "a" , as Adline, and he is John Nix. When I find the photo's I will send you a copy. .

Let me ask you a question that I ask everyone that expresses any interest in Moodys Chapel. First let me tell you what I know of the two churches and the cemetery, then ask if you can add anything to it. The church across the street is the oldest of the two churches. It is Salem Primitive Baptist Church. That is the family church of my family. That is where I, as a child attended "fire and brimstone" sermons followed by "dinner on the ground". That is where I went with my father, and also my grandfather to hear scared harp singing. The church on the same side of the road as the cemetery is Mt Pisgah and it is a Missionary Baptist Church. They split from Salem some time in the early 1900's , maybe even earlier. It is the newer and larger of the two churches. Then behind Mt Pisgah is Moodys Chapel Cemetery. I know nothing about the history of the cemetery, but feel that it may be older than either church. There were a number of Moody families in the area early, and some of them are a part of my family. Apparently they also moved from Pickens District, South Carolina as many of the other families did. If you continue down the road past both churches, down the hill for about a half mile you reach Moodys Cross Road. Well it was a crossroad until about 1943 or 44 when the bridge across the Warrior river was washed away. That was during the war and replacement was delayed. After the war there was only one house on the loop so the bridge was never replaced, and now the cross road is just a three road intersection of Dee Nix Road, Burton Loop Road, and the road from the churches, I am not sure of its name. The other two roads are named for relatives of mine.

The State of Alabama Etowah County We the undersigned hereby accept service of notice of the application of B.J. Inmon for the Probate of the Will of John Inmon deceased, and of the day sch for the hearing thereof, June 25th 1906. and we thereby waive copy and service by the sheriff.

Witness our hands on this the day of May 1906

W. A. Inman [wife] [Winnie Adeline Going] E. Y. Inman [dau] [Maybe Eugenia Inmon ?]

	R. U. Inman            [dau]       [Rhoda K. Inmon ?]

B. J. Inman [son] [Berry J. Inmon] S. F. Thompson [dau] [Susan F. Inmon] L. E. Thompson [g-son] [son of Susan and Silas M. Thompson]

Nix [g-son] [Cannot read]

                         Nix        [g-son]     [Cannot read]

N. W. Nix [g-son] [William Nolie Nix, I am not really sure of the order of his names. He was known as Nolie Nix on almost all the documents I can find, but I determined at one point to use William as his unused first name until I could prove something else. This may be a strong indication that his name was Nolie William, but requires additional checking. ] T. L.? Dickerson [g-son] [Then there is an added note that says �R & Eugenia raised Dickerson�, does this mean all of the g-sons named Dickerson? Also who is �R� ? I am assuming that Eugenia is the daughter of John Inmon and Winnie Adeline Going. I do not have a husband or family for her and had assumed her to be unmarried.]

 	J. W. Dickerson      [g-son]

Roxie Dickerson [g-dau] Ida Reece?? [g-dau] [The name is very faint on the document I have. Transcript of a hand written court document, from a copy supplied by Tammy Gilliland. The first set of [brackets], were on the copy of the document I have but were added latter. The second set of brackets are my notes.

Tammy, I am reviewing the marriage bond for Adaline and John. I can read everthing down to the signatures of John Nix and Harrison Nix. And I am going to ask you to extract or scan the rest, the small hand writting after the signatures. Let me tell you why.

Harrison is my gg-grandfather. After reviewing all the details I am now sure that this is the correct Harrison. They were first cousins and both were 21 in 1906. Harrison was not married at that time and he is about 10 months younger than John Henry. This is one of the first indications of interaction between these two families that I have found. For some reason many of the grandchildren of Tyre ended up in the Walnut Grove area, while those of his brother Daniel stayed in the Warrior Valley area. Only 6-8 miles apart, but that is a fair distance on mule back. Tyre died during the Civil War, their mother died in 1877, so some of them did not have parents for their young years.

Another thing, My gg-grandfather did not sign his name, but only his mark on the document. This is the first indication I have of his education. I think that the purpose of a marriage bond was to prove that both parties were capable of marrying. That is not currently married and not under age. I think that Adaline may have been under age in 1906, John was 21 by my records so was OK but I have her 15 or maybe 16 when they married. And the first child was born a year latter when she was either 16 or 17. Generally the parents would sign a release for underage daughters to marry, but I have John Inman dead before this time, and a trip to Gadsden would have been a real task for Winnie. But if I am correct and she was really underage then a marriage bound could have really been a risk for Harrison. So he must have had an appreciation for his cousin and his future wife. I notice that the Justice of the Peace states that Harrison was personally known to him, so maybe they had greased the track before they went to Gadsden.