Person:Estelle Barb (1)

Estelle Barb
m. 1954
m. 11 December 1956
Facts and Events
Name Estelle Barb
Alt Name[1] Barbara Barb
Unknown[1] Lady Coylton
Gender Female
Birth[1] 1920 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States
Marriage 1954 to Charles Samuel Addams
Divorce 1956 from Charles Samuel Addams
Marriage 11 December 1956 to Henry Lennox D'Aubigne Hopkinson
Death? 2002
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    According to Tee Adams and those that represent her, Barbara Barb was born in Brooklyn in 1920 as Estelle Barb, taking the name "Barbara" during law school. She became Barbara Addams for the two years she was married to the cartoonist, and then shortly after they were divorced became Lady Coylton by marrying an English Baron named Henry Lennox D'Aubigne Hopkins, the first Baron Coylton, who had been a diplomat during the administration of Winston Churchill.

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    "Who is the Lady Colyton? The Lady Colyton (Barbara Estella Barb) was married to Charles Addams in 1954. They divorced in 1956 and in the divorce settlement she was awarded copyright to some of his work. She married Henry Lennox D'Aubigne Hopkinson, 1st Baron Colyton (1902-1996) on December 11, 1956. Giving her the title of the 'Lady Colyton'."

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    "The account of how the cartoonist handed over the rights to the Addams Family to his second wife 'is very sketchy,' Mr. Solomon said. The couple were married in 1954 and divorced two years later. In 1956, hinting at the couple’s unusual relationship, Time magazine announced their October divorce this way: 'Divorced. Charles Samuel Addams, 44, necrographic cartoonist for The New Yorker; by slinky, lank-haired Lawyer Barbara Barb, 36, live ringer for Addams’ lady lurker; after two years of marriage, no children; after Lawyer Barb established ‘residence’ in a 45-minute divorce-mill hearing in Athens, Ala.' By December, Ms. Barb was remarried, to Henry Lennox D’Aubigne Hopkinson, the first Baron Colyton, a British diplomat under Winston Churchill, giving her the title of Lady Colyton. However, Ms. Colyton continued to serve as Mr. Addams’s agent and assigned the usual 10-percent fee to all of his income. Their dealings took a bizarre turn when, six months before Mr. Addams died, in 1988, Ms. Colyton 'came to him with documents that secured for her 75 percent of all rights to the Addams Family property,' Mr. Solomon said. 'She was a mercenary, she made up everything about herself. Look, the woman was born in Brooklyn, her name was Estelle Barb, which she changed to Barbara Barb, and she died Lady Colyton.'"

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    "Drawings by Charles Addams were donated to the Library by The Lady Colyton and Marilyn Addams. Their care and exhibition are supported by an endowment established through a gift from The Lady Colyton."

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    "Barbara Estella Barb is the daughter of Stephen Barb. She married, firstly, Charles Samuel Addams before 1956. She married Henry Lennox D'Aubigne Hopkinson, 1st Baron Colyton, son of Sir Henry Lennox Hopkinson and Marie Ruan du Bois, on 11 December 1956. From before 1956, her married name became Addams. As a result of her marriage, Barbara Estella Barb was styled as Baroness Colyton on 11 December 1956. From 11 December 1956, her married name became Hopkinson. She lived in 2003 at Le Formentor, Avenue Princess Grace, Monte Carlo, Monaco."

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