Person:Ephraim Clark (8)

  1. Ephraim Clark, IIIEst 1727 - Bef 1813
  2. Elizabeth ClarkAbt 1729 -
  3. Reyderus ClarkAbt 1730 - 1802
  4. Dorcas ClarkAbt 1731 -
  5. Henry Clark1732 - 1823
  6. Hannah ClarkAbt 1733 - Aft 1780
  7. Nathaniel Clark1737 - 1790
  8. Ichabod ClarkAbt 1738 -
Facts and Events
Name Ephraim Clark, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1698 Elizabethtown, Essex, New Jersey, United States
Death[1] 1740 Burlington, New Jersey, United States


Records in New Jersey

  • 22 Jan 1739 - The probated will of Ebenezer Lyon of Elizabeth Town, NJ, named his daughter, Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark, and their children: Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Darkis, Henry, Riderous, Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. [Source: NJ Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, 1730-1750, Lib. of Congress, page 270].

Records in Kentucky

  • Pg. 251 - 22 August 1800 - Ephriam Clark, Jr. of Montgomery Co., Tenn. eldest son of Ephriam Clark, Sr., formerly of Elizabethtown of the state of East Jersey is selling to John Clark of Chr. Co. Ky. all his right to a house and lot, etc. in East Jersey that was left to my mother Elizabeth Lyon, alias Clark, the wife of Ephriam Clark, Sr. and the heirs of her body by (Capt.) Ebenezer Lyon by his last will and testament and recorded in clerks office of Amboy, Ephriam Clark sold to John Clark for value received. Wit. David Beatie, Samuel Baty. Signed Ephriam Clark. [Christian County Kentucky Deed Abstracts 1797-1817, Deed Book A] [Note: Ephraim Clark, Jr. noted in the record above was the son of this Ephraim Clark].
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