Person:Enjeltje Post (1)

Enjeltje Post
d.BEF 1747
  1. Enjeltje Postest 1715 - BEF 1747
  • HLambert Dorlandt1711 - Bet 1771 and 1772
  • WEnjeltje Postest 1715 - BEF 1747
m. abt 1741
  1. Maria Dorlandt1742 - Abt 1810
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Enjeltje Post
Gender Female
Birth? est 1715 Probably Somerset County, New Jersey
Marriage abt 1741 New Jersey, United Statesto Lambert Dorlandt
Death[3] BEF 1747


The argument is made that Lammert Dorland's second wife Enjelte is probably the daughter of William Post, Jr. and Marytje Van Cleef and thus her surname is Post. We do not have documentation for this relationship, but infer it from the fact that the name Enjelte is unusual, that she named her only daughter Mary (possibly after her mother) and that Enjelte, daughter of Marytje Van Cleef, would be a first cousin of Dyna Van Liew, Lammert's first wife, since their mothers would be sisters.[3]

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    (date - before lic for next marriage)

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    "Lammert married (3) by New Jersey license dated 5 May 1747, Styntje/Christina Terhune...." implies that Enjeltje was deceased before this.
    See text for argument that her name is Post.