Person:Elizabeth Schott (1)

Elizabeth Schott
b.1791 PA
m. Abt 1788
  1. Theobald Schott, III1789 -
  2. Elizabeth Schott1791 -
  3. Salome Schott1793 -
  4. Susana Schott1795 -
  5. John Schott1797 -
  6. Catherine Schott1799 - 1872
  7. Lydia SchottBet 1804 & 1805 -
  1. John Fry1808 - Aft 1889
  2. Salome Fry1809 -
  3. Charles Fry1811 - Bef 1880
  4. Elias Fry1813 - 1887
  5. Jacob Fry1815 - 1886
  6. Theresa Fry1816 -
  7. Ephriam FryAbt 1818 -
  8. Mary Maria Fry1821 -
  9. Silas FryAbt 1825 -
  10. Ziba Fry1828 - 1884
  11. Isiah Fry1829 - 1893
  12. Elizabeth FryAbt 1831 -
  13. DavoldDewalt Fry1834 - 1913
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elizabeth Schott
Gender Female
Birth[2] 1791 PA
Alt Birth[3] 18 Jan 1791 Pennsylvania
Death? Y
Alt Death[3] 30 Jun 1876


The 1850 census list Elizabeth's age as 57 which would have her born about 1793. The 1870 census lists Elizabeth's age as 79 which would have her born about 1791. , ,

From: "Dorothy McCoy" To:, Subject: Fry/Frey Genealogy Research Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 06:41:57 -0400

Good Morning

I ran across your site on Sunday, 1 June 2003. You did a very nice job. But I have a question or two.

I noticed you had J. Frederick Fry /Frey. I have only one of his sons switched it to Frey that he and the rest of them kept Fry.

Also on this man, I have his birthday for November and you have him for December. Not that a month makes a difference today for us; because we are not going to be celebrating it. And if we decide to celebrate it, we can do it twice.

I also have Frederick and Elizabeth being born in Southern Germany. You have that he was born in Hecktown, Northampton County. The Germany part came from I guess being passed down from my Grandmother. I do not recall of having solid hard facts to that.

I also noticed you had Aunt Dorothea Baxter Swartz with two children. Her an Uncle George only had one son Paul who married Ople Dewald. Kenneth was Paul and Ople's first son. I think his name was either Kenneth George or George Kenneth but they called him Kenny. They had more children and maybe you have that information.

Also Aunt Mary Ann Baxter was married to Harry Miller and they had two daughters.

Aunt Esther's name was Esther Mary Alice Swartz Reed. She was named after Esther in the Bible and her two grandmothers. Mary Jane Fry Baxter and Alice Sisler Swartz.

Oh I guess I should let you know that Frederick and Elizabeth are also my relatives. My Mother was Estella Grace Swartz McCoy, my Granndmother was Belle S. Baxter Swartz, Gr Grandmother Mary Jane Fry Baxter, GrGr Grandparents Philip Fry and Margaret Heinley Fry, GR GRGR Grandfather Jacob Fry and Lavina ?? GrGrGrGr Grandfather Frederick Fry and Elizabeth Schott

I hope that I have not discouraged you. But if I can help you maybe you can help me in my quest to continue researching. I started in 1955 to ask questons. But did not really get fully involved until 1980. And even since then has been sporadic because with working and etc I just do not get enough time to research.

Thanks for any help you can give me on clearing up the above questions.

Love and Prayers Dorothy

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