Person:Elizabeth Perkins (67)

Elizabeth Anderson or Campbell/ Skillern
b.18 NOV 1719
m. 1 DEC 1718
  1. Elizabeth Anderson or Campbell/ Skillern1719 -
  2. Elisha Perkins, Jr.1720 -
  3. Margaret PerkinsABT 1721 -
  4. Joshua Perkins1722-1745 -
  5. Uriah Perkins1722-1745 -
  6. Phillis PerkinsABT 1725 -
  7. Joshua PerkinsABT 1728 -
  8. Ute PerkinsABT 1729 -
  9. John Perkins1733 - 1804
  • HWilliam SkillernAbt 1700/5 - Bef 1745
  • WElizabeth Anderson or Campbell/ Skillern1719 -
m. bef. 1728
  1. George Skillern1728 - 1804
  2. Isabel SkillernABT 1731 -
  3. Sarah SkillernABT 1735 -
  4. William Skillern, Jr.1740 - 1816
  5. Elizabeth Skillern1742 - BEF 1805
m. 1747
  1. Samuel Andersonabt 1747 -
  2. James Anderson1747-1758 -
  3. John Anderson1747-1758 -
  4. George Anderson1747-1758 -
  5. Agnes Anderson1747-1765 -
  6. Jane Anderson1747-1765 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Elizabeth Anderson or Campbell/ Skillern
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 18 NOV 1718
Birth[1][2] 18 NOV 1719
Marriage bef. 1728 Pennsylvania or Virginiato William Skillern
Marriage 1747 Married by Rev. John Hindman in Augusta County, Virginiato James 'Ute' Anderson
Alt Death? BEF 1776

Elizabeth, wife of 1) William Skillern and 2) James Anderson is POSSIBLY a daughter of Elisha Perkins, Sr. This is NOT proven. There is some conjecture that Elizabeth's second husband, James Anderson used the name "Ute Perkins" (the name of Elizabeth Perkin's brother) to avoid trouble in Augusta County, VA. More research is necessary to prove if the Elizabeth Perkins, daughter of Elisha Perkins, Sr. is the same Elizabeth who married William Skillern and later James Anderson.

There is much confustion regarding this Elizabeth that married 1) William Skillern and 2) James Anderson (sometimes refered to as "Ute Perkins" in Augusta County, VA records). There is some speculation that her maiden name MAY have been Perkins and been related to Ute Perkins who came to Augusta County , VA from St. George's Speseutia Parish, Harford County, Maryland. More research is necessary to definitively determine her parentage.

The following account seems to attempt to explain Elizabeth's story in Augusta County:

Research pertaining marriage of a James Anderson to an Elizabeth Skillern does not pertain to this James. The James who married Elizabeth Skillern was a son of Isaac Anderson who also lived in Augusta County but was not from the same family. Per research of Dr. Barbara Inman Beall from her Online Journal of the Spence and Spenser families:

"The Isaac Anderson family was just as "frisky" as the rest of the settlers in Augusta County, according to the court documents. Isaac's will found in Will Book 1, p. 143, dated 9 February 1747-8, states that Isaac was "to be buried where son John is buried. He lists his wife Martha and her daughter Elizabeth. And he identifies the children of his first marriage: son Isaac, son James, son Jacob, daughter Elizabeth, daughter, Mary. His executors are listed as his wife Martha and Hugh Martin. The witnesses were Hugh martin and James Anderson. After this will, the Isaac Anderson family becomes extremely interesting.

Enter Elizabeth Skillirn, widow of William Skillirn, who died in Augusta County in 1744. I have yet to discover Elizabeth Skillirn's maiden name; however, a possible explanation appears below. The records show that after her husband's death, Elizabeth became involved financially with a number of Augusta people.

William Skillirn, his wife Elizabeth, and their children George, William, Isabel Ann, and Sarah arrived in the Augusta/Orange County area directly from Ireland in 1740. In 1742, their daughter Elizabeth, was born. In 1744, William Skillirn died. His will, dated 16 January 1744, names his eldest son George, his second son William, three daughters--Isable, Elizabeth, and Sarah. His inventory on pages 119-20 of the records shows a total valuation of 54L12.4. James Ker, John Davison, and John Christian were the appraisers and they returned their appraisal 27 August 1747 (p. 23).

On 22 August 1745, Elizabeth "the wife of said Skillern declared she would not accept any legacy and did renounce all benefit" (p. 23). Then matters become confusing.

About 1747, Elizabeth Skillirn, the widow, appears to have married a "Ute Perkins." That same year, this same Elizabeth Skillirn married James Anderson, son of Isaac Anderson. The records then show:

Order Book XXIV, p. 302. James Patton...vs. Rev. John Hindman. In 1747, defendant married James Anderson (alias Ute Perkins) and Elizabeth Skeleron, widow and relict of William Skeleron, late of Augusta, without a license, Aug. 1749.

Pleasants vs. Skillern. (Aug. 1752). Thomas Pleasants complains of Elizabeth Anderson. Elizabeth Perkins was married to one John Anderson alias Ute Perkins. The bond was dated 1750. In her answer, Elizabeth states that she was Elizabeth Skillirn and denies being married.

Order Book No. XI- p. 340 James Anderson and wife, Elizabeth, bound to peace towards William Robertson Nov. 17, 1767--Elizabeth Anderson late Elizabeth Skillern and Robert Black Jr., bound to the peace of Thomas Turk. Tillory vs. James Anderson and Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Skillern on a note dated 27 Nov 1747.

Adding to the confusion in this Anderson-Skillern connection is the fact that William Skillern and Elizabeth's daughter, Elizabeth (b. 1744) married James Anderson, the son of James Anderson and grandson of Isaac. Note the following:

Order Book No. XXIV p. 309, Rex vs. James Anderson: James Anderson indicted 1768, for poisoning William Robertson's hogs, & etc. on Oct. 1768.

p. 364--same case. james Anderson (Long Meadow)-Trespass. James Anderson killed Robertson's fowls and hogs with ratsbane in 1767. James Meeks deposition Nov. 1,1 768. He was at James Anderson's house on Long Meadow. James Anderson's wife was Elizabeth, and they had a daughter named Jean. William Robertson's wife was Lettice (Kerr). Elizabeth was the sister of William Skillern and George Skillern. Verdict was for Plaintiff.

The interesting thing about this matter is that there really was a "Ute Perkins". He appears to have come from St. George's Speseutia Parish, Harford County, Maryland and his wife is listed as Elizabeth Skillirn. He died in Augusta County. Who are these people? One possible answer is that they were the parents of Elizabeth Skillirn (wife of William). The Perkins had a daughter named Elizabeth, who would have been about her age. If this is true, then Elizabeth must have married a cousin named William Skillirn. Reportedly, the Skillirns came directly from Ireland to Virginia, however. It is possible that the Perkins family relocated from Ireland to Maryland (leaving Elizabeth behind--she may have already married). After their removal to Virginia, the Skillirns family next followed. After the death of her parents and her husband, Elizabeth may have resorted to using her maiden name in an effort to throw off her creditors. And after her remarriage to one or more of the Andersons, her husband(s) also posed as Ute Perkins. The possibility for this confusion may have been for good reason: Elizabeth borrowed money from a number of powerful men in Augusta County including Thomas Turk (son of Robert), William Robertson, and James Kerr.

The Turk family was no group to challenge. As previously mentioned, Robert Turk married Margaret Kerr in Pennsylvania and moved to Augusta County shortly after the James Kerr family arrived. Robert's son and grandson (both named Thomas Turk), appear on as many court files as he did. thomas Turk, the younger, became the father of Hiram Kerr Turk, who with his sons, set off the Slicker War in Benton and Polk Counties during the 1830s and 1840s. The Robertsons, Kerrs and Turks had intermarried for generations. Like James Kerr, William Robertson (whose wife Lettice or Letticia was a Kerr), was also an Augusta County, Justice.

From Chalkley's Augusta County Virginia Court Judgements:

1748. Robert Black, Sr., and Robert Black, Jr., bond for affiance of Elizabeth Anderson, formerly the widow Skilran, 27th January, 1747/8.

MAY 20, 1752. (249) Elizabeth Perkins and her two sons, George and William Skillern, bound to peace towards James Carr.

AUGUST, 1756 (B). Pleasants vs. Skillem.--Thomas Pleasants complains of Eliza Skillem (August, 1752), otherwise called Eliza Perkins, otherwise called Eliza Anderson. Plea: Plaintiff ought not to recover, because at time of making bond and at time of issuing process in this suit she was married to one John Anderson, alias Ute Perkins. Bond dated 1750. Replication states she was known as Eliza Skillem and denied being married.

From Chalkley's Augusta County Court Judgements:

MARCH, 1771 (C). William Robertson vs. James Anderson (Long Meadow).--Trespass, James killed Robertson's fowls and hogs with ratsbane in 1767. James Meek's deposition, November 1, 1768. He was at James Anderson's house on Long Meadow. James wife was Elizabeth, and they had a daughter Jean. William Robertson's wife was Lettice. Elizabeth was sister of William Skillem and George Skillem(?). Verdict for plaintiff

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