Person:Elizabeth Moore (23)

Elizabeth Moore
d.Bef 1668
m. 27 Nov 1633
  1. Anna Moore1634 -
  2. Richard MooreAbt 1637 - 1640
  3. William MooreAbt 1639 - 1688
  4. Mary Moore1641/42 - 1702/03
  5. Lydia Moore1643 - 1723
  6. Jacob Moore1645 - 1715/16
  7. Joseph Moore1647 - 1725/26
  8. Benjamin Moore1648 - 1729
  9. Elizabeth Moore1649/50 - Bef 1668
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Moore
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] 10 Jan 1649/50 Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Death? Bef 1668

The birth of this child named Elizabeth seems a little odd as John already had a daughter named Elizabeth (see Person:Elizabeth Moore (43)) who was still living, and whom he clearly identified in his will dated 25 Aug 1668 as "Elizabeth my eldest daughter the wife of Henry Rice". In fact, the appearance of this birth in the Source:Vital records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to the year 1850 appears to have caused Ethel Stanwood Bolton to leave the elder Elizabeth out of her Moore genealogy in Source:The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. 57. (She speculates in an addendum in vol. 58 that the date was not her birth, but was "when it was returned to the County Court" - whatever this would mean for a birth that took place in a different country about 25 years earlier - and so it did not indicate the existence of a second Elizabeth. This scenario seems bizarre and not credible.) Since the eldest Elizabeth was a daughter of John's first wife, perhaps the name was intentionally re-used to honor his second wife? However, as this younger Elizabeth is not named in his will, it would appear that she did not live long, whatever the case.

One could also consider the possibility that Elizabeth belonged to an unrecorded marriage of John's son John (Person:John Moore (156)) who was just old enough to be of age in 1649, but was not known to have had a wife named Elizabeth. However, even in this speculative case, Elizabeth could not have lived long, as this John named another child Elizabeth in 1657 (by wife Anne Smith). Thus, no bigger error will be made by accepting the standard parentage for Elizabeth than speculating on the son.

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