Person:Elizabeth Brawford (1)

Elizabeth Brawford
b.AUG 1746 Virginia
m. NOV 1743
  1. Robert Brawford1743/44 - 1781
  2. Elizabeth Brawford1746 -
  3. Rachel Brawford1748/49 -
  4. James Brawford1751 -
  5. Hugh Brawford1753 - 1817
  6. Samuel Brawford1755 - 1820
  7. Mary Brawford1756 -
  8. John Brawford1761 - 1834
  9. Ann Brawford1763 -
  • HSamuel Hays1734 - 1793
  • WElizabeth Brawford1746 -
m. ABT 1763
  1. Samuel Hays1765-1784 - AFT 1789
  2. Hugh Hays1765-1784 -
  3. Charles L. Hays1765-1784 - 1830
  4. Campbell Hays1765-1784 -
  5. Andrew Hays1765-1784 -
  6. Elizabeth Christian Haysbefore 1787 -
m. ABT 1787
  1. Elizabeth Christian1787 -
  2. James Christian1788-1795 -
  3. Nancy Christian1788-1795 -
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Brawford
Gender Female
Birth? AUG 1746 Virginia
Marriage ABT 1763 to Samuel Hays
Marriage ABT 1787 to Patrick Christian

According to Putnam, History of Middle Tennessee or Life and Times of General James Robertson (Nashville, 1859), p.490-491: (footnote from the article by Dan M. Robinson in the TN Historical Quarterly, Fall 1967)- The station of "Granny Hays" was at a spring a short distance south of "Hermitage Church." According to Putnam, there is strong circumstantial evidence that "Granny Hays" was Mrs. Elizabeth Hays, widow of Samuel Hays. Samuel Hays, a veteran of the North Carolina Line, established a station (near the Hermitage--about a mile east) in 1783; took up a preemption grant of 640 acres on Stone's Creek in 1786, and was killed by Indians 'near the door of John Donelson's house' on Feb. 24, 1793. Putnam describes "Granny Hays" as an elderly woman "who never knew fear or how persons felt when they were frightened." The settlement of Samuel Hays estate shows that he left his widow Elizabeth and five sons. Andrew Jackson was named guardian for the three younger sons (Andrew, Campbell, and Charles Hays); the other two were not mentioned by name. They presumably were Robert and David Hays, who are known to be brothers. Incidentally, this article says Col. Robert Hays had only 6 children who survived to adulthood