Person:Elinipsico Cornstalk (1)

Elinipsico Cornstalk
b.Abt. 1742
m. abt 1739
  1. Catherine Cornstalk1734 -
  2. Greenbrier Cornstalk1740 -
  3. Elinipsico CornstalkAbt 1742 - 1777
  4. Young Peter Cornstalk, I1744 -
  5. Mary Blue Sky Cornstalkabt 1744 - abt 1791
  6. Esther Cornstalk1748 -
  7. Oceana Cornstalk1752 - 1770
  8. Rachel Scaggsabt 1765 - after 1846
m. Unknown
Facts and Events
Name Elinipsico Cornstalk
Alt Name Ellinipsico Cornstalk
Alt Name Nipseko Cornstalk
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1742
Marriage Unknown to Elizabeth See
Military? 10 Oct 1774 Point Pleasant, Bland, Virginia, United StatesBattle of Point Pleasant
Death? 10 Nov 1777 Point Pleasant, VirginiaFort Randolph (now West Virginia)
Cause of Death? murdered by Captain James Hall and associates

The Indian was Elinipisco, son of the noted Shawnee chief, Cornstalk. His white companion was Tavenor Ross who had been raised by the Indians after his capture as a boy up at Fort Cumberland. This was the beginning of the Battle of .. of the American Revolution magazine: Volume 108, Issues 1-10

Taverner Ross m. first Indian wife. Second. Aphia Ward. [1]

Taverner Ross was on the Indian side of the Battle of Point Pleasant [2]

George Carpenter found an Indian sleeping and spared his life. It turned out to be Elinipsico and he later save Carpenter's life twice - Draper

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    Transcribed by David Armstrong

    From the VIRGINIA GAZETTE 3 April 1778

    By HIS Excellency PATRICK HENRY Governor, or Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of VIRGINIA


    WHEREAS a most barbarous murder was on the tenth day of November last committed by a number of persons belonging to a detachment of the militia of this state an Indian chief called CORNSTALK, his son, and two other Indians at Fort Randolph on the Ohio, although the said Indians had been convicted of no hostile act or purpose, and were at that time under the pl ghted (sic) protection of the garrison of the place, whereby a deep wound has been given to the honor and faith of this country, the laws of the state have been most flagrantly violated, and the vengeance of a cruel enemy provoked on the innocent inhabitants of the western frontiers, as well as a dangerous example given to licentious and bloodthirsty men wantonly to involve their country in the horrours of a savage war; and whereas it appears from sundry depositions transmitted to me that James Hall of the county of Rockbridqe, and Malcolm McCown of Augusta, Adam Barnes of Greenbrier, William Roane of Rockbridge and Hugh Galbreath of Rockbridge were deeply concerned in promoting and perpetrating the said outrage, I do by and with the advice of the Council of State issue this my proclamation strictly requiring the citizens of this commonwealth, more especially all officers civil and military, to use the most vigorous exertions to bring these seperate offenders to the punishment due their guilt. And as an encouragement thereto, as well as a proof of the public abhorrence of such detestable crimes, I do offer to such person or persons as shall secure any of the offenders so that they be brought to justice the following rewards that is for James Hall 200 dollars, for Malcolm McCown 150 dollars, for Adam Barnes, William Roane and Hugh Galbreath i00 dollars each.
    Given under my hand at the Council Chamber in the city of Williamsburg this 27th day of March in the second year of the commonwealth, Annogue Dom 1778