Person:Edward Rogers (15)

Capt. Edward Rogers
b.Abt. 1719 Prob. Pennsylvania
m. 21 June 1717
  1. Mary Rogers1718 - Aft 1775
  2. Capt. Edward RogersAbt 1719 -
  3. Robert Rogers1720 -
  4. Evan Rogers1722 - 1805
  5. Sydney RogersAbt 1726 - 1812
  6. William RogersAbt 1728 -
  7. Thomas RogersAbt 1729 -
  8. Elizabeth Rogers1730 -
  9. Owen Rogers1732 - 1807
  10. Eleanor Rogers1735 - 1809
m. Bef. April 1742
  1. Eunice RogersAbt 1745 - 1822
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Edward Rogers
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1719 Prob. Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef. April 1742 Virginiato Hannah Borden

Records of Edward Rogers in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - 1755, September 2d.--Officers present, viz: Fairfax, , County Lieutenant; Fairfax, _____, Colonel; T. B. Martin, Lieutenant-Colonel; Meredith Helm, Major; Richard Morgan, Captain; John Funk, Jr., Captain; Jeremiah Smith, Captain; Samuel Odell, Captain; Jacob Funk, Captain; William Bethel, Captain; Isaac Parkins, Captain; Edward Rodgers, Captain; John Hardin, Captain; John Lindsay, Captain; Cornelius Ruddell, Captain; William Vance, Captain; Lewis Stephen, Captain; John Denton, Captain; Thomas Swearingen, Captain.

Information on Edward Rogers

From "Frederick County, Virginia Hopewell Friends History":

Benjamin Borden was born in 1692, a son of Benjamin Borden and ---- Grover, near Freehold, N. J., and died in Frederick County, Va., in 1743. He married Zeruiah Winter of West New Jersey, and came to Virginia sometime in 1732. He was prominent in the affairs of the county and was appointed to the first bench of justices on the organization of Orange County in 1734, and of Frederick County, when it was set off from Orange in 1743. He with others was the subject of religious persecution by the Orange court in October and November, 1737. His will, dated April 3, 1742, and probated October 9, 1743, in Frederick County, mentions his wife Zeruiah, his sons Benjamin Jr., John, and Joseph, and his daughters Abigail, wife of Jacob Worthington, Hannah, wife of Capt. Edward Rogers, Mercy, wife of William Fearnley, Rebeckah, wife of Thomas Branson, Elizabeth, wife of ---- Branson, and Deborah and Lidy, still single. Witnesses: Thomas Sharp, Lancelot Westcott, Edward O. Borden, Thomas Hankins, and Thomas Rogers. [Source:]